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Vignettes - Part 18: Larry and Megan’s Wedding

Title: Vignettes - Part 18: Larry and Megan’s Wedding
Author: ladygray99
Chapter: 18/36 Half Way!!!!!
Pairing: Charlie/Colby, Larry/Megan, Don, Alan
Rating: FRC
Disclaimer: Belongs to many other people, not me
Warnings/Squicks: Weddings!!!!
Summary: What moments mark a friendship, a love, a marriage, a lifetime?
Previous chapters: Receptions for Colby
Notes: This could have been 15 pages of dribble.  I restrained my inner wedding planner.
Beta(s): The amazing irena_adler except for the bit I rewrote just before posting.

Larry and Megan’s Wedding.

“Megan what’s that?”
“What’s what?”
“That shiny thing on your finger that looks like a ring?”
“Um…it’s a ring.”
“A ring with diamond dust looking like a spiral armed galaxy and a big ass rock in the middle?”
“Would that be a ring of the engagement persuasion?”
“Could be.”

Larry and Megan had planned to just run off to Vegas with a couple of friends. Alan had said no. So had Don, Charlie, David, Colby, half the LA field office and all of CalSci. A few emails even came in from NASA. If Larry Fleinhardt was getting hitched to Megan Reeves, there was going to be pomp, circumstance, and a lot of witnesses.

Colby had never been involved in wedding planning. Men don’t do that where he’s from. However, an extravagant wedding needs muscle. Standing in the back of a conversation with dark glasses showing a bit of the shoulder holster got 18 month waiting lists shrunk to six and it was kind of fun. Plus he got to taste a lot of good cake. For Colby, cake was a serious weakness.

He and Alan had also taken to mediation between the couple. Megan wanted something like a church wedding but felt hypocritical about it. Larry pointed out his family was technically Jewish but had converted on paper during the war. Larry wanted to be married under the stars. Megan pointed out you couldn’t see the stars in LA unless you blacked out the entire city. Don said no to that.

The compromise had been a great hall, a federal judge and a chupah made of deep summer sky blue cloth, picked out in silver stars accurate to the night sky on the day of the wedding.

Alan laughed when he saw it since it was meant to represent the couple’s future home, but then again Larry lived in the night sky and Megan knew that.

Colby held the chupah with the three Eppes men and watched as Larry bounced on the balls of his feet, looking completely panicked.

Colby leaned in so he could whisper to the groom. “Larry, half the guest are heavily armed. You make a run for it, you won’t make it three steps.”

Larry looked at the judge. “Is that a threat?”

“Sounds more like a public service warning to me.” The judge said with a smile. Don laughed.

Larry whimpered.

“Ignore them.” Alan said “You love her, she loves you and you already know you can put up with each other. You’ll be fine.”

Everyone turned as the doors to the hall swung open. Colby knew his jaw was hanging open like an idiot but couldn’t seem to close it. Don and Charlie almost dropped their poles and Alan looked like he was  wishing he was 40 years younger. Even the judge blinked a few times.

 “She puts the brightness of any sun in the heavens to shame.” Larry whispered.

Charlie reached out and put a steadying hand on Larry’s shoulder. “Breathe,” he advised.

Colby watched as Megan walked serenely up the aisle and put her hand in Larry’s. Across from him, Charlie beamed in happiness for his friend. Colby thought he looked so young, eyes lit in a way only certain equations seemed to induce. He looked around at the other Eppes men. Alan stood there happy but with a touch of sorrow. Don looked happy if slightly amused at the whole thing, as if he had just won a bet. And considering the pools that had been running around the office, he might have done just that.

Colby looked back to Charlie as the couple said their vows. After a week of listening to Larry try to make M57 Nebula try to sound poetic, they had talked the couple into traditional vows. As Larry slipped the gold ring on Megan’s fingers Charlie’s face split into an even wider grin, eyes so full of joy and hope Colby gasped a the beauty of it.  When Megan threw her arms around Larry and kissed him, Colby had to close his eyes against impending tears.

‘That is good.’ He thought.


Charlie raised his glass. “When I first met Larry Fleinhardt, he had been assigned as my academic adviser. He hadn’t taken a shower in three days. He was literally writing equations on the walls, and was actually playing pulsar radio signals over these huge speakers at full volume, and I remember thinking ‘Wow this is the coolest adult ever.’” The groom’s side, also known as CalSci faculty, laughed. The FBI Los Angeles field office, AKA the bride’s side, not so much. “I soon realized that perhaps not everyone shared my assessment of Larry and I was afraid that he may spend his life with his head in the cosmos with no one to show him the beauty here on earth. And then Megan came along. Megan, who shook him up, horribly confused him, and made him think previously unimaginable thoughts. Megan who didn’t mind the ancient car, the white food, the lucky t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in decades. Beautiful Megan, who didn’t demand he be anyone other than Larry. May we all be so lucky. Megan, Larry may your love be as deep as the cosmos and long as time itself, assuming a linear definition of time.” There were some annoyed coughs from the audience. “To you.” The couple and the audience took sips of their drink.

Colby stood to give his toast, having been handed the job of person of honor. He had thought long and hard about this. “Megan. When you walked into the L.A. Field Office for the first time you turned heads. There you were -- smart, motivated, gorgeous and a scary good shot on the range. And I can honestly say there wasn’t a man in the place who didn’t look at you and think about you, him, big house in Virginia, and a half dozen mini G-Men running around the back yard.” There was a chuckle from the audience that Colby was hoping for. “Then suddenly, there was Larry and we didn’t get it. ‘What do they talk about?’ we thought. But I think now we get it. I get it. Larry, she’s your gravity, she keeps your path steady and constant. Megan, you’re more than just G-Girl with him. He brings out your humor and softness and weirdness and your killer smile.” Megan blushed. “Plus he’s an astronaut which is so much freaking cooler than any of us.” The small NASA contingent cheered. “So Megan, Larry, long health and clear skies.”

Tags: fandom: numb3rs, fic, pairing: charlie/colby, pairing: larry/megan, rating: g, vignettes
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