ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

Being His (#52 Own)

Title: Being His
Author: ladygray99
Prompt: #52 Own
Word count: 100
Pairing: Ian, Alan
Rating: PG13
Warning: none
Summary: It's a simple explanation
Notes: Written for numb3rs100, part of A Silk Pillow ‘verse.
Beta: riverotter1951

Being His (#52 Own)

Ian threw his t-shirt into the wash with Charlie’s bed linens that still stank of bandages and wound cream.

“That’s an interesting tattoo.” Ian looked at Alan then looked at his arm. “Not that one.” Ian touched the base of his neck. “That’s Fermat’s Spiral, isn’t it?”


“It’s funny.” Alan began folding his own laundry. “Charlie used to doodle that on the inside of his math books. Or if he and Donnie had the same toy that would go on his. He keeps saying you’re his… He means that literally?”


“I can’t… comprehend.”

“I’m his. It’s that easy.”

A Plead for Peace / A Family Secret

Tags: 100's, a silk pillow, character: alan eppes, character: ian edgerton, fandom: numb3rs, rating: pg13
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