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22 November 2007 @ 11:01 am
Vignettes - Part 14: Passover  
Title: Vignettes - Part 14: Passover
Author: ladygray99
Chapter: 14/36
Pairing: Charlie/Colby, Alan, Don, Larry
Rating: FRC
Disclaimer: Belongs to many other people, not me
Warnings/Squicks: religion happens
Summary: What moments mark a friendship, a love, a marriage, a lifetime?
Previous chapters: A Talk with Don 
Notes: Short and sweet today folks.  Sex tomorrow ;-)
Beta(s): The amazing irena_adler long may she write.


“So...um...my dad wants to know if you’d like to come to Seder dinner this weekend?”
“Um, Passover. Dad makes dinner, does this thing every year.”
“Okay. I mean, if it’s a family thing, I don’t want to get in the way.”
“No, no, I mean, Larry’s going to be there.”
“Megan, too?”
“I think she’s got that thing at Quantico.”
“That’s right. I forgot. So, sure. Unless you’re not comfortable...”
“No, no. It’s fine. It’s just a thing my dad does. I mean we’re not really Jewish, Jewish, I mean have you ever seen the way Don eats mu shu pork? I think he thinks if he doesn’t chew, it doesn’t count, but dad tries to do Passover and Hanukkah. Unless you’re not comfortable. I mean we’ve never talked about...”
“No, it’s fine. I mean my family does Christmas, Easter and prays a lot during playoff season.”
“And you get to watch Larry try to eat non white food out of politeness.”
“Dinner and a show.  How can I refuse?”
“So...ah...this Friday. Get there before sundown.”

Alan Eppes stood and surveyed the table. His sons were on each side of him. Larry, the strange little physicist who held a place in his heart somewhere between brother and son, sat next to Don.   Across from him was Agent Colby Granger, this Midwest farm boy scrubbed up and looking like fresh hay and apple pie who had somehow attached himself to his youngest son. Alan reached out and put a hand on the head of Don and Charlie.

“This is good.” Alan began. “This is Passover. To have your sons with you. Safe. Passed over by God’s wrath, blessed. And so tonight we sit at this table, my blessed sons, my boys, my family, my heart, and know this is the way it should be. This is good.”

Larry smiled, and Alan was happy that Larry was secure in his place as an honorary Eppes, knowing Alan’s blessings extended to all who sat at the table. Alan looked across at Agent Granger who looked a little awed at the brief words and seemed to lean towards Charlie as if to absorb the aura of a father’s love. The poor agent hadn’t yet realized that he was an Eppes now and he better just get used to it.

“Now, first prayer, then food.” Alan lit the candles and began.

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Ped: Chocolate Cakethe_ped on November 22nd, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
You wanna hear depressing? My entire family is elsewhere for Thanksgiving, but I'm working on Friday, so I couldn't go to either location (and I WAS invited to both).

So I made my special Garlic-Parmesan Chicken (I really should get that recipe up on slashers_cook before I forget again). Last night, and tonight I'm making the Sugar cookie dough (For Friday), and the Jell-O cheesecake (because real cake and pie aren't my bag, baby). Tomorrow the side fixings will be made, and I'll vege out in front of the Parades and ballgames.

Now, onto Commentary: I had to ask one of my friends if Seder was part of Passover or Roshanah. Yes, I really am that lame to ask REAL people rather than Google it.

Also? I love that Larry knows he's an Honorary Eppes, and Colby is still unsure if he is or not. It'll be telling IF Alan lets him know somehow else, his own key, "Go Mow the Lawn!", or similar instances. ;)

Edited at 2007-11-22 03:45 am (UTC)
ladygray99: Numb3rsladygray99 on November 22nd, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
ooooo Colby mowing the lawn. In short shorts :-) That made me happy.

I'm going traditional french roast chicken with turkey trimmings.

Alan and Colby have some nice moments coming up in the story. They're fun to write together. I wish there was some way they could get screen time together on the show.