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Vignettes - Part 5: Publication

Title: Vignettes - Part 5: Publication

Author: [info]ladygray99

Chapter: 5/36

Pairing: Charlie/Colby (almost)

Rating: FRC

Disclaimer: Belongs to many other people, not me


Summary:  What moments mark a friendship, a love, a marriage, a lifetime?

Previous chapters: Feeling Stupid

Notes: First smooch!  Yeah!  Please give feedback.

Beta(s): The amazing

irena_adler long may she write.



The team was celebrating Charlie’s most recent publication. This normally wouldn’t happen since Charlie published something at least every six moths, but this time there were extra contributors to the paper --One Agent Megan Reeves and one Agent Colby Granger. The article had taken target selection theories of spree killers and added variables for military training and possible PTS. Don had read the article and, as usual, only recognized every third word, but that did not stop him from ordering everyone down to the local bar for a celebration.

Don raised a glass to his team. “To geekness. Now officially declared contagious by the C.D.C.” Megan and Colby tossed wadded up bar napkins at their boss. “Seriously. When FBI agents get written up in anything, there’s usually a body count involved and sensationalist headlines, but you two are the first to be published in the ‘International Journal of Advanced Number Theory’ and for that I have nothing but pride.”

Everyone raised their glasses then tossed back their drinks.

Larry gave Megan a kiss. “I’m very proud of you, darling,” he said, giving her a squeeze.

Colby looked at David.

“I ain’t kissing you,” David declared.

To Colby’s surprise he felt a pair of lips on his cheek.

“I’m very proud of you, darling,” Charlie slurred out drunkenly before slipping off his chair. “Where’d the table go?” he asked in honest confusion. It was several minutes before everyone stopped laughing enough to help him up.


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Tags: character: don eppes, character: larry fleinhardt, character: megan reeves, fandom: numb3rs, fic, pairing: charlie/colby, rating: g, vignettes
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