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(fic) Vignettes - Part 4: Feeling Stupid by ladygray99

Title: Vignettes - Part 4: Feeling Stupid

Author: [info]ladygray99
Chapter: 4/36

Pairing: Colby, David, Don

Rating: FRC

Disclaimer: Belongs to many other people, not me

Warnings/Squicks: non-Euclidean geometry

Summary:  What moments mark a friendship, a love, a marriage, a lifetime?

Previous chapters: Fractals

Notes:  Feedback slut here.  Please feed?

Beta(s): The exquisite [info]irena_adler



Feeling Stupid 


Colby felt stupid. This wasn’t completely unusual and at least David was in it with him, but his brain felt like it was trying to escape out his ears and he realized he’d read the paragraph in front of him six times.

 Don entered the break room to find two of his agents with noses firmly in books with titles like ‘Beginning Gravitational Theory.’

 “Dare I ask what going on?” The agents looked up.

 “We’re just…you know…reading.”

 Don read the title of a book, “Worms and Strings: The Macro Nature of a Micro Universe?

 “We’re trying not to look like complete idiots in front of your brother,” Colby finally said.

 Don blinked a few times then laughed. He laughed long and hard until tears streamed down his face and his sides ached.

 “It’s not that funny, man,” David protested.

 Don finally calmed down and wiped his eyes. “Guys,” he stuttered out between remaining giggles. “We found out Charlie was smart when he was three. He got into my math book and finished it correctly. 99.98% of the world population looks like an idiot once Charlie opens his mouth and no amount of ‘Number Theory for Dummies’ is going to change that.”

 “We also don’t want to look like idiots in front of Megan.” David said.

 “Ah. Now I get it.” Don said with a nod.

 “Other night, after you left the bar, she tried to explain string theory to us.” Colby said.

 “Now I don’t get that shit while sober.” David complained.

 “She had rubber bands and tooth picks and was building these little models trying to explain it to us.”

 “The thing is she gets it. Not the math but the whole theory thing, she gets.”

 “And you’re feeling like ignorant cavemen grunting over beer.” Don said, understanding the feeling.

 “I haven’t felt this consistently dumb since sensitivity training.” David replied.

 “It’s not fair.” Colby said, with a whine. “She’s dating Fleinhardt. You’re always going to learn more if you sleep with the professor.”

 Don decided not to ask how Colby might know that. “Well you’ll just have to find your own CalSci professor to sleep with then. They’ve got lots of them.” Don pointed to a couple of books. “Charlie disproved that one for his Masters Theses and non-Euclidean geometry will only make you want to hunt down and slaughter your old geometry teacher. Don’t go there.”

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Tags: character: david sinclair, character: don eppes, fandom: numb3rs, fic, pairing: charlie/colby, rating: g, vignettes
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