ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

Vignettes - Part 3: Fractals

Title: Vignettes - Part 3: Fractals
Author: ladygray99
Chapter: 3/36
Pairing: Charlie, Colby, David
Rating: FRC
Disclaimer: Belongs to many other people, not me
Summary:  What moments mark a friendship, a love, a marriage, a lifetime?
Previous chapters: Gutters
Beta(s): The amazing irena_adler  long may she write.


David saw something strange on Colby’s computer screen. “What’s that man?

“What? Oh it’s a fractal pattern generator.”

David raised an eyebrow at the other agent.

“I Googled something Charlie was talking about." Colby said. "Found this.”

“What’s it do?”

“Induces acid flashbacks as far as I can tell. Watch. I type in random numbers down here, press enter, and tada.”

David watched as a swirlly multicolored snowflake thing crawled across the screen. “Let me try.” David typed his birthday into the section marked field variable. What came out was blue and looked like boxes twisting into infinity. “Cool.”

An hour later Charlie walked by the cubical and quickly backtracked when he thought he saw a multicolored variation of Pascal's triangle.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?”

“Oh hey, Charlie,” David said.

“Hey, we’re just wasting tax payer money playing with this thing online.” Said Colby.

Charlie smiled recognizing the program. “Here’s, this is my favorite.” Charlie leaned over Colby and typed in a very complicated set of instructions. The screen reloaded slowly and the final shape was in 3D. Colby tilted his head and stared at it.


“Broccoli.” Charlie said with a smile.

“You’ve memorized the mathematical formula for broccoli?”

“I can also hum the entire White Album.”

Tags: character: david sinclair, fandom: numb3rs, fic, pairing: charlie/colby, rating: g, vignettes
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