ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

A Big Thank You.

Hi everyone.

I’m writing in with a bit of an announcement and a big thank you.  Some lovely people out there have nominated not one but two of my stories for a Numb3rs Award in four different categories!!!!!!

 Sing My Body Electric is up for Angst/Dark, Hurt/Comfort, and Kink! Kinda the big three. 

 What floors me is the amazing writers I’ve been nominated with.  In Kink I’m up with irena_adler who writes some of the hottest most brain melting stuff out there and just being in the same category with her is a big honour. In Angst I’m up against Mizuno Ami who screwed up Charlie even more than I did and that’s saying something. Again a great pleasure to be on the list with a writer of that calibre.


 Vignettes (Vignettes and Thoughts upon a Life Unplanned but Well Loved or This is Good) has been nominated in the Series category up against Corona’s Inappropriate Behaviour Series, which is one of the few stories ever to make me blow tea out my nose.

Yet again a major pleasure to be considered in the same breath as a writer like that.

So a big thank you to whomever put my name forward and a big thanks to the Numb3rs fan fic community in general for embracing my work over the last four months and giving it so much love.

Peace, Love and Math.

Lady Gray

Tags: vignettes, whitman
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