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Yuletide letter 2019

Dear Yuletide author
Well, 2019 has been one forking heck of a year. I think we all need to take a deep breath and have a moment of escape before the hellscape of 2020 hits. So let’s go with romance, fluff, and people generally caring for each other.

Prodigal Son
I love this show. It's like watching someone try to fill out an entire procedural crime bingo card using just one story. Bright is a walking disaster, Edrisa is my flavor of nerd, Dani is just so soft under it all, and Gil is just a tired dad. If you haven't seen this yet I think it's on the Fox app so you can do a catch up. It's worth it even if you don't write it. I'm a Bright/Tanaka shipper but I'm also up for Dani and Malcolm either as bros or something more. I'm big on team #FeedBright so anything with Gil, or really anyone trying to get Malcolm to eat. Gil being a good dad to Malcolm or really any of the team just warms my heart. No death, non/dub-con, or incest please. Let's not go too much darker than the show.

Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson
I'm all caught up on the books but behind on the show. I love Walt and Henry as a couple, I also love Walt and Vic. I'd gladly read Walt/Henry/Vic either full on sex or just being warm and happy together. And if maybe you're not up for the romance and want a stretch, well, as far as I'm concerned Virgil White Buffalo Lives!

The Expanse (TV)
I ship Amos and Prax more than any other pairing. I know the new season is going to sink that ship but screw up. I want Amos/Prax. Hot and heavy in the green house, sweet co-parenting, or any flavor in between.

The Good Place (TV)
If team cockroach doesn't get a happy ever after I'm going to flip a table! So just in case it doesn't happen I want to see the team happy together. Together as friends or together as more. Maybe they're collective soul mates. I don't know I just love them all.

Northern Exposure
Joel/Chris/Ed That's what I want. Simple as that. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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