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Dear yuletide writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,
I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. Weeeeeeee. Okay, full disclosure, I took a bad fall the other day and ended up in the ER. I’m home now but I’m on some REALLY good drugs as I write this so if it comes out rambling and a bit stoned well that’s because I’ve been a bit high for about five days now. Yippy!

First, do not want. Gore. Particularly medical gore. Character death unless cannon. Overly dark plotlines and men being assholes because fuck 2018.

As for what I want.

Northern Exposure
I ask for this every year. Any combination or all three together. Fluff, smut, whatever you feel like writing I’m down with.

If you haven’t seen this series do yourself a favour and watch it. It’s listed at a comedy but if anything it’s really a sweet, quiet, meditation. The first two seasons are on Netflix and the third is still on BBC iPlayer. You can honestly binge the entire series in a day. Even if you don’t write it watch the show and make yourself happy.
After the series finally what I really, really want is Louise and Varde’s wedding, and the Danebury Metal Detecting Club trying to make it the grandest thing ever in their own special way. If not that then just Lance and Andy working a field in their usual way.

Longmire (TV)
I’m up to date with the books but am a couple seasons behind on the show. What I want is Henry and Walt, or Walt and Vic, or Vic and Walt and Henry. Or any combination, any rating. They are my OT3

American Gods (TV)
Apparently, things are absolute chaos on the season 2 set with power massive power struggles between the High Art faction and the Stick to the Book faction, so Odin only knows what we’ll get on the screen. I know what I want for yuletide though. Salim and The Jinn. Their moments were the most beautiful of season 1 and I want more in any way shape or form.

Star Trek: Discovery
I wish I could say give me all the characters because I loved all the characters and screw the haters. So here are so ideas. Ash and Michael. They had such a deep and complicated relationship. It’s so rare on TV that we see the guy just lay his head on the woman’s chest in exhaustion, needing emotional comfort, showing weakness. Michael and Tilly. I love their relationship. I know a lot of people didn’t like Tilly but I get her. You can tell she grew up constantly being told to be polite, get herself under control, don’t ask question, don’t be rude. That comment about her mother liking her hair flat and blonde just has an entire childhood of exasperation in it. But then comes Michael who doesn’t dismiss her plans to become a captain and totally has her back. (In one of the After Trek episodes they talk about how great it is to do a show and have natural hair.) I’d love to see anything with them from best friends to hot and heavy F/F. Hugh and Paul are just my heart. I can only nominate one but any point of their relationship or perhaps Staments facing Hugh’s parents. Or really anything you’re up for writing.

The Expanse (TV)
Amos and Prax! Amos and Prax, Amos and Prax! Don’t care how. BFF pen pals. Sweet co-parents. Hot and sexy lovers. Just give me Amos and Prax.

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