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Dear Yultide Author

Dear Author,
Yikes!  I thought I'd have a couple of days to write this.  That new sorting algorithm is FAST! 

So, what do I want for Yultide.  It's been dark year on a pretty global level.  Lets try to keep it light.  I don't mind a bit of angst but lets aim for happy endings.  I like sex.  I don't even mind a bit of kink, but I also like fluffy, fluffy, fluff.  Mostly though have fun with what you write.  I hope there is something here that will inspire.  Don't stress yourself out.

  • The Expanse Series
I've just started book 3 so if you could avoid major spoilers that would be nice.  I ship Amos and Prax.  I know it's weird but I love their interactions.  I love the way Amos just sort of takes Prax in even though Jim is supposed to be the hero character.  I know Amos has a Tragic Backstory which I haven't read yet but I can guess at some of it. I know some of the fandom dismisses Amos as just the Dumb Muscle, Jayne type character but when I read him, and this is in part Wes Chatham's portrayal, he reminds me more of guys I've worked with who are on the edge of the aspergers spectrum.  Smart but missing those basic social graces. 

If those two don't float your boat I love Bobbie and Chrisjen's interactions. Really anything with those two. I only hope I can be as fabulous and sweary as Chrisjen by the time I'm a grandmother. 

  • The Walt Longmire Mysteries
Give me Walt and Vic. Give me Walt and Henry.  Give me Walt and Vic and Henry.  I'll take them any way I can get them.  Also I firmly believe that Virgil White Buffalo Lives!  Any interaction between him and Walt is wonderful.  Even if it's just Walt half dead (again) and having visions.  If you read the last book you'll know it ended on a mother fucker of a cliff hanger.  If you feel the urge to resolve it so I don't have to track down Craig Johnson and duct tape him to his computer that would be cool as well.

  • Northern Exposure.
Joel/Ed/Chris.  I ask for it every year with no shame.  Any combination of the above is welcome. 

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit.
I want to see Kimmy in college doing college things.  I want to see her hanging out with the rowing team.  They obviously loved her and she spent most of her life hanging out with a group of women.  Also her hanging out with Xan.  She drives Xan nuts but there is mutual caring there and they would have been semi roommates.  I also love Titus and Jacqueline.  Jacqueline the Agent is going to take over the world and Titus is going to dragged along kicking and screaming. 

  • Upstart Crow
Kate!  I love Kate.  I need more Kate being Kate.  Trying to get progressive ideas into Will's plays.  Putting Marlow in his place.  Just Kate.

  • Forever Knight

Forever Knight was the first fandom I was truly active in.  I wrote on the Usenet groups and was involved in the Wars.  When season three rolled around I declared as a Ratpacker!  Some of my first online friends that I never met were fellow Ratpackers.  Not long ago I was reminded of this and went to look up Greg Kramer who played Screed.  I found that he'd passed away in 2013.  Not only did we lose a fine actor way to young but I was so far removed from my first fandom that I didn't find out until almost four years after the fact.  So maybe a little Screed this yuletide.  Him and Vachon in their glory days having fun. 

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