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10 November 2014 @ 09:47 pm
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (15/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 15/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li.
Word count: 2,804
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story. Another new OC.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 15

Doctor Richard Spender looked around his new office. Okay, it was probably a converted storage closet but it had a window and a door and a desk and a chalkboard and Ricky was really having a hard time behaving like an adult with a doctorate rather than just jumping up and down with glee.

And it was warm outside. When he'd left Philadelphia it had been -10. LA was a 'chilly' 57 out.

"Everything to your liking?"

Ricky tried to keep the stupid grin off his face. "Yes Dr. Finch. Thank you. It's perfect."

"Well normally we don't take on people mid-year but Dr. Lim had a medical issue come up and will be gone for at least a year and while the other professors will cover his advanced classes no one with tenure is willing to teach Counting Theory 111. And for that reason you, young man, have lucked into a job."

"I am very grateful."

Dr. Finch pushed her glasses up her nose. "For more reasons than one I'm sure. Dr. Eppes pitched very hard for both you and his new pet program. Again, lucky for you, he brings a considerable amount of money into this University so when he told me he wanted a minion I had to listen."


"Yes, I believe that's your official title until you've proven yourself on a few cases. Speaking of..." Dr. Finch handed Ricky an envelope. "I was asked to give this to you with the rest of your paperwork."

Ricky opened it and found a temporary FBI security pass. Dr. Eppes had asked him to fill out a bunch of paperwork at the Philadelphia office to be sent ahead of him. Now Ricky really couldn't help grinning.

"Now, as I have told more than one professor here you are a teacher first and a junior G-Man second. That means I don't care if the apocalypse is raining down, you will make all your lectures, office hours, department meetings, and grades will be in on time. You will also be expected to publish and serve on various committees like everyone else. Am I clear?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, you're in the big time now and I'm not just talking about CalSci. The violent crimes unit of the LA FBI office has an 85% solve rate do in no small part to their association with CalSci."

Ricky hadn't known that. His cousin's solve rate was just over 72% and he was one of the best in Philadelphia. "That's impressive."

"Yes it is."

"I will do my best to maintain and improve that solve rate."

Dr. Finch looked him over. "My first week in this job I came very close to trying to shut Dr. Eppes down. I deprioritized him on the super computer and generally gave him a hard time. I still give him a hard time because someone needs to but he honestly believes that any halfway decent mathematician can be taught to aid criminal investigations and you, Dr. Spender, are going to be his proof on concept."

Ricky didn't quite know what to say to that. He'd read Dr. Eppes book and the general ideas seemed simple but brilliant in much the same way the wheel was simple but a stroke of genius for whomever came up with it first. He couldn't believe he'd been the first one to express a desire to come out and learn more.

"I'll do my best."

"Yes, you will. Welcome to CalSci. Charlie's office is just around the corner. Get settled in then go tell the man who's about to start ruling your life that you're here."

With that Dr. Finch left.

Ricky looked around one more time then headed out himself just taking a moment to look at the little piece of paper posted next to the door that read Dr. R. Spender.

It was easy to find Dr. Eppes office. There was a sort of energy that just drew him around the corner and down the hall. The door was open. Ricky peeked into the office. Every surface was covered in math, diagrams, maps, and photos of bloody crime scenes. In the middle of it Dr. Eppes stood calmly as if he was standing at the eye of a storm. His eyes were closed and he barely seemed to be breathing. He may have been asleep on his feet. Ricky wasn't sure how long he stood there. A couple of minutes at least before a young woman with rather startling grey hair pushed passed him holding two cups of coffee. One she handed to Dr. Eppes as who had finally opened his eyes. He sipped his coffee then finally noticed Ricky hovering in the doorway.

"Dr. Spender. Come in. Millie told me you might be showing up today. Mouse," He turned to the grey haired girl. "This is Doctor Richard Spender CalSci's newest junior professor and my newest minion. Dr. Spender this is Mouse my TA/PA and Chief Minion but is quickly working her way up to Trusted Lieutenant."

The girl, Mouse, smiled at him. "Nice to meet you."

"Same." Ricky shook her hand then looked around. "So what's all this?"

"This is our Christmas present from LA." Ricky looked at a picture. He assumed what he was seeing had once been a person. "We got our first killing on the 26th and they've been coming fast and furious."

"Spree killer?"

"No, there's too much planning involved. This is defiantly serial but working at a vastly accelerated rate. Your thoughts on serial killers?" Dr. Eppes suddenly asked.

Ricky froze for a second. "Um... Often intelligent individuals with a tendency to stay within a geographic area they feel comfortable operating in..."

"Thank you. I've read the text books. Your thoughts on serial killers."

Ricky realized that class had already started. And since he was in a class of one he was always going to be the one called on. "Um... They scare me."


"'Because as far as repeat violent criminals go they are usually the smart ones and what's to say that they're not smarter than me, or the cops. In a lot of cases they're only caught when they get cocky and make a mistake. I don't like the idea of someone just killing and us having to wait until they make a mistake."

"I don't like that idea either. This one has been giving us a real problem because there is no easily recognizable pattern in the victims. Most killers stick to a gender, an ethnicity, an age group. Our killer has done none of that and our victims are from all over the city. Thoughts?"

Ricky thought for a moment. "Start seeing who or what they have in common. Figure out where their lives intersect. Doctors, employers, schools, accountants, churches, gym memberships."

"And if no connections can be found with deep set theory."

"Um... consider the possibility he's picking them randomly from the phone book?"

Dr. Eppes smiled then checked his watch. "Come on, I need to present. I'll introduce you to the team."


Ricky marveled at LA as they drove downtown. He actually saw a couple of palm trees and there was no snow. The Federal building was monstrous and there was again no snow. Up on the sixth floor he found a madhouse of activity with phones ringing and people in suits running around. Wearing just jeans and a sweater he felt rather under dressed. Luckily Mouse was wearing almost exactly the same thing.

Ricky followed Dr. Eppes and Mouse into a room filled with more pictures of the dead. A group of tired looking agents were waiting.

"Hey, everyone. This is Doctor Richard Spender but I think you can call him Ricky. He is CalSci's newest junior professor, he is also my newest minion as he is working towards a yet to be defined certificate in Criminalistic Mathematics."

"Is that a real thing?" A heavily pregnant woman asked.

"It is now." Everyone chuckled a little. "Ricky this is everyone."

"Welcome to the nightmare," the particularly tired looking agent who looked a little like Dr. Eppes said.

That seemed to be as much introduction as he was going to get. Dr. Eppes started up his laptop. Piles of data started scrolling by. "I found the connection between our victims."

"I thought you thought there were no connections." The large African American agent said.

Dr. Eppes waved a dismissive hand. "A moment of under-caffeinated weakness. Everything in the universe is connected if you know where to find the connections."

"Enlighten us. Please." The agent who had sort of welcomed him said.

"Every single victim was pulled over for speeding."

The agent who hadn't said anything yet held up a stack of files. "There's nothing on their records, Charlie."

"That's because none of them got tickets. They all got warnings over a four year period. And they all got them along this stretch of the 210." Dr. Eppes brought up a map.

"So, we're looking for what? CHP?" The agent who seemed to be in charge asked.

"That was my first instinct but they were pulled over by a dozen different officers."

"Who would have known if they just got warnings?"

Dr. Eppes brought up a photo. "Ralph DeWinters. CHP dispatcher who..." Dr. Eppes gestured towards the heavily pregnant agent.

"Who lost his younger brother to a hit and run speeder on a particular stretch of the 210 about four years ago."

All the agents nodded. "That's what I call playing connect the dots." Dr. Eppes handed over a thick folder to the head agent. "It's all circumstantial but..."

"We can at least talk to him and it's the best we've got. Good work Chuck." Dr. Eppes bowed slightly. "Okay, let's go pick this guy up." The two large male agents grabbed some folders and headed out the door. The pregnant agent slowly worked her way up and out as well.

Ricky wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do since Dr. Eppes seemed to be packing up but the remaining agent approached him and held out his hand. "Don Eppes."

Ricky took Agent Eppes hand eagerly. "Ricky Spender. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, so you're Charlie's new toy?"


"Minion, Don. Minion." Dr. Eppes cut in.

"You ever worked a case?"

"Yes." Ricky replied quickly. "I helped with a set of home invasion cases and a murder for hire case in Philadelphia."

"Ever seen a dead body up close and personal?"

Ricky felt himself flush a little. "No. My cousin wouldn't let me."

"Well we've gotten use to a pretty tough breed of geek around here so no one's going to keep you from looking at anything gross. Just don't puke on evidence."

"I have a pretty strong stomach."

Agent Eppes grinned. "I'm sure you do. Well, talk to security about proper credentials and welcome to the fun. I hope you can cut it."

'I hope so too.'


Alan pondered the chess board. Only a few moves into the game he still had several tactical options. He looked across the board to Larry. "You do know it's your move?"

"Is it?" Larry seemed honestly startled. "Oh, yes, I guess it is." Larry pondered the board for a moment then shifted a pawn.

"A little distracted tonight?"

Larry looked over his shoulder to the stairs of the little two story starter home he and Megan now shared. Megan had turned in early leaving Larry and Alan to an evening of chess. A past time they had not indulged in for several months.

"She's fine Larry. Few days, week at the most, you're going to be a father and acquire a whole new set of worries."

"I am keenly aware of that fact, Alan."

Alan took Larry's pawn. "Your turn again."

Larry frowned and seemed to stare at the little square where his pawn had once stood. Finally he let out a long sigh and as if he couldn't think of anything else moved his own knight.

"May I ask you a question Alan?"

"Anything you like Larry."

"What's it like?"

"You mean being a parent?"


Alan had sort of been expecting that question. "Think of the happiest you've ever been, and the most terrified you've ever been, and the most in awe you've ever been, and stick all those feelings together and crank them up to eleven and that's about the first 30 seconds. After that you sort of have to work it all out for yourself. And believe me no two children are the same and you can read all the books and there'll be some generalities you can rely on but in the end you're dealing with a completely unique little creature that's just trying to figure out how to be human."

"I see."

Alan moved a pawn. "You're going to be fine, Larry. You kid's going to be fine."

"I just wonder if after a lifetime of a rather narcissistic solitary pursuit of the answers to the great questions of the universe if I will be able to adjust my focus to an individual who does not understand even rudimentary language let alone the importance super string theory."

Alan laughed. He couldn't help it. It was such a Larry worry and yet so silly.

"I hardly think it's something to laugh at Alan." Larry stated quite firmly as he moved his knight again.

"Larry, don't be an idiot. You're a teacher. You take absolute joy in shaping young minds and this time you get to start from scratch. And before you worry about what kind of father you're going to be you're going to be a great one. You're going to make a few mistakes because believe me all fathers make a few mistakes but you did just fine with Charlie when I couldn't be there and you are going to do just fine with your own son or daughter. And it's not like you're doing it on your own."

Larry frowned in thought, resting his chin into his hand as Alan shifted a bishop out onto the board. "Alan, I hope you do not think that I ever had any intention of usurping your parental position..."

"Of course not Larry, you just had a crush on my wife and a rather paternal relationship with my son." Larry began to sputter. "I also know you never so much as made a drunken pass at Margaret which is why we're here playing chess. It's your move." Alan tapped the board.

Larry looked at the board and moved a pawn without a lot of thought.

Alan quietly contemplated his next move. Larry's hasty move had opened several options. He looked up at Larry who was looking quite guilty. "It's okay Larry, really. You taught Charlie how to shave and how to tie a bow tie and were probably the first person to come close to understanding just what was going on in that head of his. Charlie was not an easy child, believe me I should know, and you went above and beyond the duty of academic adviser when you didn't need to."

"Helping Charles was never a chore."

Alan couldn't stop the laugh that came out. "Do you know what Charlie's first word was?"

"I do not believe I do."

"It was less a first word and more a first sentence." Alan put out his second knight. "He was nearly three and still not talking but he had this toy truck he loved and he'd even make vrom, vrom noises so there was some concept of sound and meaning going on in his head. Anyways Donnie decided he was going to annoy his little brother into talking. So every time he saw Charlie with his truck he would take it away and hold it over Charlie's head and tell him he could have it back when he talked."

"Why do I have a feeling this story ends with blood and tears."

"Oh yes, Charlie did not like this game. He would jump up and down for about thirty seconds before throwing himself to the ground and having a tantrum. Finally, one day, he sees Donnie coming and a couple of synapses finally connect and he decides he's had enough. He hits Donnie across the face with his truck, which is metal I might add, and screams 'No Donnie, my truck', Donnie starts bleeding and using words an eight year old should not know while Charlie runs around the house screaming 'mine, mine, mine' at the top of his lungs. Donnie still has the scar on his cheek and last I check Charlie still isn't good at sharing."

Larry's hand was over his mouth rather unsuccessfully hiding a grin.

"If I can survive that and if you can survive Charlie's teenage years then you will be just fine."

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