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16 October 2014 @ 01:39 pm
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (9/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 9/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li.
Word count:3,032
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story. Sex, D/s, and shaving in this bit. We're over halfway and I'd love to know what people are thinking.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 9

Charlie looked around his class. "Where's Peterman?" He asked.

His class shrugged and shook their heads.

"Great. And this is for his benefit." Charlie took a deep breath. "Okay, first off, one of you has betrayed me. Ratting me out to the administration is not the way to get less homework for Thanksgiving break."

There were groans around the room.

"Secondly, I must now do penance. The university lawyers want me to read something to you so listen up. Now setting aside the fact that half the faculty gets stoned on Friday nights, a third of engineering has alcohol problems, the vast majority of physics has used psychedelics, and I once did a line of coke off the tailbone of a blonde who was in the middle of giving Kevin Bacon a blow job." Charlie paused for effect. "Yes mathematicians go to all the best parties. Setting aside all that, I am to tell you that The California Institute of Science as a whole or represented by individuals does not in any way shape or form condone the usage of illegal substances for any reason and does not encourage or condone the student body of the California Institute of Science to engage in any illegal or possibly life threatening activity. The facility and staff of the California Institute of Science also has complete respect for the members of its student body and words that may have been said to the contrary by any representative of the California Institute of Science are formally rescinded and apologized for." Charlie wadded up the piece of paper he had read from and used it to do a hook shot into the nearest trash can. "Everyone got that?

There were some amused nods.

"Great. Everyone pass your homework to the front."

As papers started heading front the door opened and Peterman hurried in. He was rumpled and was holding a blue ice pack over one eye.

"Peterman, thank you for joining us. Present your homework."

"Yes, Dr. Eppes." Peterman replied and quickly began to dig through a shoulder bag with one hand. As the boy got closer Charlie got a whiff of him and leaned back.

"Good god, Peterman, you smell like a Vegas brothel on a Monday morning." The pail boy blushed and held out his homework. Instead of taking it Charlie went to his briefcase and pulled out a pair of latex gloves.

"Uh...Dr. Eppes?" One of the students piped up. "Why do you keep latex gloves in you briefcase?"

Charlie grinned what he hoped was an enigmatic grin. The answer was really in case he needed to handle evidence but that just sounded pedestrian. "So very many reasons." Charlie replied instead.

Charlie snapped on the gloves but instead of taking Peterman's homework he carefully removed the icepack. The kid had a large, fresh shiner, and a small cut by his eye. Charlie could easily make out the shape of a fist. "Boyfriend or husband?"

"Husband." Peterman mumbled but a grin pulled at the boys lips.

"Was she worth it?"

He gave a slightly manic nod. Charlie shook his head and took the homework. He flipped to the last page. It had obviously been done in a hurry. "Dear god, either she screwed your brains back in or her husband knocked them in 'cause that's a correct answer." Peterman grinned and Charlie flipped through the other pages. "And you've presented a reasonably interesting process to get it." Charlie sniffed the paper. "Not bad for something you did in bed between rounds with a cougar."

Peterman's jaw dropped. "How did you..?"

"No self-respecting woman under forty wears Chanel No. 5 and while it's been a few years since I've been involved with a set of double X chromosome some smells you do not forget." Peterman blushed bright red. "But I am going to have to take off a point for handing in a paper that could technically be a bio hazard. Next time, wash your hands."

Colby watched as Charlie happily tucked into his dinner. "Good day at work?"

Charlie nodded. "Pretty good. I formally apologized to my class and for the most part they all rose to the challenge I threw down last week of working out unique processes to get to the correct answer. One of them got to the answer using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and no numbers larger than twelve."

"Really?" Colby had been with Charlie long enough to at least have a conceptual understanding of what he was teaching.

"Apparently he'd been channel surfing and found Sesame Street. I mean it took him about 50 pages and it'll take me a while to double check the arithmetic but if it's right I'm so taking to my next conference."

Colby just smiled. It was always nice to see Charlie happy, and happy about teaching. He knew that at the end of the day, once you took away all the catching criminals, and advising Washington, all Charlie was really trying to do was teach people math.

Colby reached out and ran a thumb across Charlie's cheek. It was a little rough. "You need a shave."

Charlie shrugged. "I'll do it in the morning."

"No." Colby ran his thumb across Charlie's lips. "I think I'll do it tonight."

Charlie flushed and started quickly moving through his dinner.

The air was thick and steaming around them as Colby carefully dragged the razor across Charlie's cheek. He straddled Charlie's hips and could feel Charlie's arousal bobbing in the bath water. He kept his own arousal carefully under control as he dragged the blade across Charlie's face. Each stroke was tiny, barely a centimeter and he tapped the blade clean with each stroke. Charlie's eyes were closed and his breathing was heavy but steady.

Colby had shaved Charlie a few times in the past on bad days when Charlie had shut down and had to be physically removed from bed, but it had been quickly with an electric razor.

This was completely different.

Charlie rolled his head slightly and Colby began drawing the blade down towards Charlie's throat. Charlie's lips parted and the tiniest moan escaped. Colby drank in that small sound. It seemed to fill him. He knew by the end of the night he'd want to hear more.

Colby tapped the blade clean in the water. "Don't swallow." Colby ordered then placed the razor against Charlie's Adams apple. Charlie didn't even seem to breathe as Colby removed the day's growth. The room became silent of everything but the scrape of the blade against stubble and the tap, swish of it being cleaned between strokes.

Colby put his free hand against Charlie's chest and let his fingers work into Charlie's thick chest hair. It was almost ironic that Charlie with his soft, verging on feminine features possessed the particularly manly amount of body hair. Colby always had relatively little and what there was, was fine and blonde.

He took a couple of quick strokes along Charlie's jaw by his ear then put the razor to the side. He used a soft cloth to wipe away the last bits of shaving foam then carefully spread a cooling gel across Charlie's face and neck. Charlie gave a little hum that sounded quite contented.

He danced his fingers across Charlie's cheeks and lips. "Later, when you are sucking my cock your cheeks will feel so smooth against my thighs."

Charlie gasped ever so slightly and his hips shifted beneath Colby.

Colby looked down. "Charlie, have you ever had your balls shaved?"

Charlie's hips jumped just a little. "A few times." he answered.

"Did you enjoy it?"

Charlie didn't answer right away. "Yes." He said after a few seconds. "They become very sensitive. But they also itch like crazy once the hair starts growing back."

Colby idly ran his fingers across Charlie's chest. "So if I shave them, I'm just going to have to keep shaving them every few days?"

Charlie's hips jumped again and he swallowed hard. "Yes, sir."

Colby felt his shoulders roll back. He took a deep breath. It seemed easier, like his lungs were larger and his body stronger. He looked down at Charlie, pink cheeked and red lipped.

Colby pulled out the stopper and let most of the water drain out of the tub then added just a little extra that was nice and hot.

Colby got out. "Lay down and hook your leg over the sides of the tub."

Charlie slid down and spread his legs, the height forcing him to raise his hips off the bottom. Charlie's erection was full and curving and his balls were full and tight. Colby folded up a towel and dropped it in the tub so he could kneel then found a small pair of scissors.

He got back in the tub and sharply pulled in is lust as he looked down at Charlie spread open and obviously aching. He started by snipping away as much hair as he could. A part of him pondered what Charlie would look like completely shaved from the neck down but he had a feeling it would actually be quite unappealing. Just his privates on the other hand, he already had a feeling he would be enjoying that just judging by the little noises Charlie was making.

Once he had trimmed as much hair as he could he took a wash cloth, ran it under warm water and wrapped it around Charlie's balls. Charlie hissed and his hips jumped up forcing his legs that much wider.

Colby reached down and played with Charlie's hole a little while the warm cloth did its job. He could tell that Charlie had tightened up after a week without sex. He made a mental note not to let that happen again. No, Charlie's ass was his and what was the point of having unrestricted access to a beautiful backside like that if you weren't going to use it regularly.

Charlie tried to lower his hips attempting to get Colby's finger inside him. Colby pulled it away and gave Charlie's backside a little slap. "Keep your hips up."

Charlie nodded and pulled his up hips as high as he could.

He stripped away the cloth and quickly lathered Charlie from the tip of his cock all the way to his tight hole. "I don't think I need to tell you to hold still."

Charlie took a breath and Colby picked up the razor. He started from the back. Each stroke was tiny, even smaller than the ones he used on Charlie's face and between each stroke the blade was carefully cleaned.

He checked Charlie's face as he tapped water from the blade. Charlie's eyes were closed, his face was relaxed. Colby knew Charlie had slipped into another place. Not the place he went when the pain was overloading his mind, that was different, but the place he went when he freed himself, giving himself over to Colby completely.

Colby felt a surge of pride that he was the one who could take his beautiful Professor to that place and in this situation. He had to admit it would probably be a cold day in hell before he let another man near his privates with a razor and he certainly wouldn't be erect while it was happening.

He carefully took the hair from the right side of Charlie's testicles. The pride was replaced with anger as small round of scar tissue was revealed. Colby knew immediately what it was. It was the same as the row of them along Charlie's collarbone, and the sole of Charlie's left foot, plus the three at his waist and one right over his heart. Cigarette burns from Leacroft. Colby had somehow missed this one since it was usually surrounded by thick, tight curls.

He kept himself from growling. He did not want to disturb Charlie's peace. For the most part he tuned out Charlie's scars in a way Charlie had trouble doing himself, but some days they were unacceptable. Charlie had been right that day in the hospital. They were somebody else's marks. He made another mental note to look into scar removal therapies. Maybe consult some dermatological journals.

Colby kept shaving, slowly and steadily. A smile was creeping across Charlie's relaxed face and the tip of his cock was leaking a steady stream of pre cum. Once he removed the last few hairs from around the base of Charlie's cock Colby carefully rinsed him down. Charlie seemed to be completely relaxed.

He examined Charlie's newly hairless privates from every angle he could manage then leaned over and gave Charlie's balls a long lick.

Charlie cried out his eyes flying open and his hips jumping up. Colby gave a second lick and Charlie's cock exploded shooting cum harder than he had ever seen across Charlie's torso, and it kept going. Without a single touch Charlie pumped himself dry gripping desperately onto the sides of the tub.

Colby raised an eyebrow as Charlie gasped for air. "Sensitive?"

Charlie nodded and let his head fall back into the water with a little splash.

Colby grinned to himself. He was going to have so much fun. "You know you're not supposed to cum without permission. Stand up so I can wash you off."

Colby stood up as Charlie struggled to his feet.

Once Charlie was up Colby quickly rinsed down the both of them and moved Charlie to the bedroom.

"On your back and spread."

Charlie flopped rather bonelessly onto the bed and stretched out spread eagle. Colby grabbed a simple cock ring that also held and separated the balls. He strapped it quickly onto Charlie who gasped and groaned, then settling between Charlie's spread legs and began to touch.

Charlie was always responsive but now it was almost over the top. He gasped and writhed on the bed like a cheap porn, his cock swelling again under the constraints of the ring. When Colby pinched at Charlie's scrotum his hips leapt off the bed like he was coming. And when Colby leaned over and sucked one of Charlie's smooth balls into his mouth Charlie let out a cry that probably woke the neighbors.

Colby chuckled. "Let's see if we can't find something that'll keep you a little more quiet." he crawled up Charlie's body until he could kneel on either side of Charlie's chest. "Open up." Charlie parted his lips and he slid his cock between them. Colby took his time and savored the warmth of Charlie's mouth. It was a beautiful thing and he knew he'd be three days dead before he stopped craving the controlled, soft heat that Charlie gave him. He looked down at Charlie's face, his eyes wide and glazed with pleasure, so open, there was nothing hidden. Everything Charlie was in that moment, he was giving to Colby. Colby felt like an ancient prince or king. Power tingled to his fingertips.

He slid slowly in and out of Charlie's mouth carefully controlling this thrusts that after a whole week of abstinence were threatening to run wild. After a minute Colby pulled himself from Charlie's lips with a pop and stroked his damp cock across Charlie's soft, smooth cheeks. He made another note to make sure Charlie was always properly shaved. Scruff wasn't a good look for him anyway. Charlie whimpered and turned his head trying to catch Colby's cock between his lips again.

"No." Colby drew his cock away. "You came without permission. I'm going to put off your punishment for tonight but you are getting twenty swats first thing in the morning and if you take them well I'll let you suck me off in the shower before work. Understand?"

Charlie gave another small whimper and nodded his head. Colby made a note to set his alarm a half hour early.

He grabbed lube from the bedside table then slid back down Charlie's body. "Roll over." Colby ordered. Charlie rolled over and spread his legs with much groaning and squirming as his over sensitized cock and balls rubbed against the blankets. He put a hand on Charlie's lower back to still him then lubed up one finger and pushed it into Charlie. He was tight and spasmed and clenched and Colby had to brace himself from coming at the telegraphed sensations.

"Oh, you are so tight." Colby worked in another finger. "I have been neglectful to have let you tighten up this much." He scissored his fingers as Charlie pressed back against his hand. "Do you want something, Professor?" He asked lightly as he started to work in a third finger.

"Yes, sir."

"And what would you like? Be specific."

Charlie was silent for a moment. "Please, cum in me, sir."

Colby twisted his fingers and Charlie jumped. "Is that all you want?"

"Yes, sir." His voice was sure but soft.

"You don't want to cum yourself?"

"That's not important, sir." Charlie answered. "I need your cum in me. Please?"

Colby felt his whole body jerk. For a moment he couldn't breathe, for a moment he could barely see. The lust and desire and power were nearly blinding.

"Roll over," he said calmly fighting to keep his voice steady.

Charlie rolled over, his legs and arms spread, his face open, honesty and desire written over every line of his features.

He lifted Charlie's legs and pressed himself him. Charlie was scalding hot and tight and his face shimmered with bliss. His eyes fluttered shut and his lips moved in a slow rhythm.

Colby could barely hear over the pounding of his own heart what Charlie was saying. It was 'Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Like a prayer.

Colby moved slowly, somehow feeling more control with each stroke and each wave of pleasure to cross Charlie's face.

"Open your eyes." Colby said softly.

Charlie pulled them open with what seemed to be great effort. They were nearly black and Colby let himself be pulled into them like a black hole surrounded by stars. He took a breath. He knew he had crossed the event horizon, and from here on out he would perceive the rest of eternity as falling into those eyes.

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