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13 October 2014 @ 09:28 pm
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (7/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 7/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li.
Word count: 4,369
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story. Heavy BDSM in this chapter. Also angst.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 7

Colby's patience was growing thin. Charlie was flipping through the channels at high speed and high volume. He knew Colby hated that. He had been a brat all day. Colby still had a stack of reports to do and Charlie was just being fussy, bratty and board. He hadn't even taken the suggestion to go work on math. Colby put down his pen.

"Charlie." Colby very nearly snarled. "Turn that off and come here." He pointed to the floor next to his chair at the dining table. He knew there was a particular tone of voice that Charlie would not say no to and he was bring it out now.

Charlie sauntered over. Colby growled internally. Oh Charlie needed pain in his life but he also needed to submit and sometime he needed to be reminded just who it was he submitted to.

"Kneel." Colby barked.

Charlie dropped to the floor and looked up expectantly.

"Eyes on the floor."

He lowered his head. Colby took a breath and went back to his report. He could feel Charlie fidget next to him. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Charlie begin to look up. Colby reached out, and placed his free hand firmly on the back of Charlie's head forcing his eyes back down. He kept it there until he finished his report then began another.

"Go take a shower, clean yourself completely, put on your blue pajamas and get ready for bed then come back here. Do it before I finish this report."

He removed his hand and Charlie moved quickly. Distantly he could hear the shower begin to run. He worked on his report in peace. He was nearly finished when Charlie hurried into the room in his blue flannel pajamas and knelt back down his eyes on the floor. Colby began his next report. Charlie didn't fidget, just kept his head down and his hands behind his back. Colby knew the hard floor wasn't the easiest thing on Charlie's knees but frankly Charlie should have thought about that before deciding to be a pest all night.

He finished his report and looked at the next. "Under the table. Between my legs." Charlie moved quickly. Colby spread his legs a little and let Charlie kneel between them. He felt Charlie's hands. "Did I say touch?" Charlie's hands vanished.

Colby diligently plugged away at his report. There was only one left after this one. He signed his name to the bottom then reached under the table and undid his jeans. He pulled out his cock which all the report writing had left limp.

"Hold it in your mouth." He quickly felt Charlie's mouth wrap around it and begin to lightly suck. He taped the back of Charlie's head. "I said hold not suck." The sucking stopped "You are having problems with being presumptuous tonight, now hold all of it." Colby felt the rest of his cock slide into Charlie's mouth and soft puffs of air from Charlie's nose against the root. He got his left hand firmly into Charlie's hair and held his head in place. With his right hand he slowly and carefully wrote out his final report while letting his cock expand in Charlie's mouth.

By the time Colby finished writing out why an FBI issued vehicle now had a scratch in it (an out of control string of shopping carts) his cock had expanded nicely in Charlie's mouth and down his throat. He could feel Charlie convulsively try to swallow around it and he could feel the drool from Charlie's mouth run down his balls.

Colby signed his name and shook out his right hand. He eased up on Charlie's head and let him back off a little. "Charlie, I'm going to fuck your mouth and I'm going to cum in it. You are not to swallow. You haven't earned it. If you are good and hold that cum and do exactly as I say the rest of the night I may allow you to swallow before bed.

Colby felt Charlie nod a little. He knew that a mouthful of cum would be more effective than any gag. He tightened his grip on Charlie's hair and slid down a little in his chair. He guided Charlie's mouth up and down his cock taking his time, building himself up then backing off. He wanted to make sure he gave Charlie a good mouthful. Finally he pressed Charlie's face right to the root and thrust hard against the back of Charlie's throat. At the last second he pulled half out coming with a growl, making sure his cum hit the roof of Charlie's mouth.

Once he caught his breath Colby pulled out. He ran his thumb across Charlie's lips and found them tightly sealed. He pushed back his chair and stood. "Follow me." Colby moved quickly upstairs and to the bedroom not looking behind him but listening to Charlie scurry to catch up.

Once in the bedroom he pulled back the blankets on the bed so there was just the bottom white sheet. He patted the spot where Charlie usually slept. "Kneel."

Charlie quickly climbed onto the bed and knelt facing the other side. Colby pulled down the back of Charlie pajamas, the elastic catching on his erection in the front. "Head all the way down, spread your cheeks."

Charlie pressed his forehead to the sheets, lips still tightly pressed together, then reached behind taking a cheek in each hand, reviling to Colby a small puckered hole. Colby ran a finger around Charlie's hole a few times then pushed it in dry. He and Charlie had sex often enough, almost daily really, that there was little resistance, even unlubricated. Their regular sex life also meant Charlie cleaned himself out almost daily.

He pressed in a second finger dry and Charlie made a small noise that was highly muffled.

Colby drew out his fingers and gave the hole a little tap. He grabbed one of several pens sitting on Charlie's night stand then preceded to trace around Charlie's fingers on his own ass. Then he left the room. He took a shower and tried to wash away the stress of the annoyingly stupid, unproductive, useless Monday that it had been.

When he got back to the bedroom Charlie's fingers were still in their outlines. It was possible Charlie had let go at some point but Colby doubted that even Charlie was really good enough to get his hands back in the exact same spots. He ran a hand along Charlie's head in quick approval. Colby put on his own pajama bottoms then he went to the toy chest. Between him and Charlie it was one of the truly neatly ordered things in their combined life with a place for everything. He pulled out a ridding crop with a thin head only a little wider than his thumb.

He ran it along Charlie's cheek and across his lips. "You were a brat today. All day. And it wasn't just me you were a brat to. You were snotty with Don. You were even a brat to Larry. That kind of behavior is not acceptable. This is punishment. This is not for your enjoyment."

Colby stepped back and brought the head of the crop down right on Charlie's hole. Charlie jumped and made a small noise in the back of his throat. It was a tricky thing, punishing a masochist. Too much pain and Charlie would simply float away. Colby struck again just hard enough for Charlie to notice but not so hard that he could grab on to the pain. He worked over every inch of tender skin from Charlie's hole to the back of his balls. He knew Charlie would feel it with every possible step tomorrow and hopefully be properly contrite.

When the skin was red and Charlie was panting through his nose Colby stopped. He adjusted his own renewed erection. It was tempting to just lube up a little and take Charlie but it would be too much of a reward for too little. Instead he put away the ridding crop and pulled out a strap of heavy but soft leather. About two inches wide Colby could wrap it around his hand for greater length or control. He gave himself about a foot then gently draped the leather across Charlie's face so he would know what was coming.

"Let go of your cheeks." Charlie let go and pulled his hands under himself. Colby brought the leather down across his ass with a crack. Charlie's body jumped but he made no sound, just continued to breathe heavily through his nose. Colby didn't give Charlie time to recover, just brought the strap down again in the same spot.

He didn't count the blows, just work that strip of skin until it was glowing red then moved on to the next bit. It was oddly hypnotic. It often was. Colby had stopped being angry with Charlie the second he had knelt, now Colby knew it was a matter of simple punishment and behavior correction. Reminding Charlie exactly what would happen if he misbehaved and rewarding him if he was good.

When Charlie's backside was fully red he put the strap away then came back and ran his hands along Charlie's ass. Charlie skin was red and raw and putting out a wild heat. Colby felt his cock twitch but he tried to ignore it. He had already decided he wasn't going to fuck Charlie until the morning.

"Okay, Charlie." Colby fluffed up a pillow at the head of the bed. "On your back." Charlie moved onto his back his bare bottom against the sheets that were probably not quite as soft as one would like in that situation. Charlie was also pitching a tent in the front of his pyjamas. "You have an erection; you were not supposed to enjoy that." Colby could see Charlie try to convey apology with his eyes. Little drops of drool were dripping down the corners of his mouth. "Well you can forget about it because you're not going to be doing anything about it tonight. If you sleep like that for the rest of the night and manage not to be a brat in your sleep I will fuck you awake in the morning. I will even let you cum." Colby drank up the gratitude in Charlie's eyes. "For now you can swallow."

Charlie instantly swallowed several times then took a deep breath. "Thank you, sir." Charlie said softly.

Colby just gave a quick nod and pulled the blankets up under Charlie's chin. "Now go to sleep and I will finish taking care of you in the morning. And don't even think about trying to rub off on the inside of your pajamas. I will be checking."

Charlie nodded and Colby turned off the lights.

Charlie felt hands on him. Warm, strong hands. He was half asleep but even in that state he knew those hands. Those hands had free rein to touch him in anyway, to dispense pain, pleasure or both. Not even his own hands had that much freedom. The hands rolled him over. A firm weight settled over his body.

Charlie finished waking up with a groan as Colby's cock pressed in. Charlie loved this. He couldn't describe or explain how much he loved Colby fucking him awake. Colby was often reluctant to do it mumbling abut consent. With each thrust of Colby's cock Charlie felt his own erection spring to life. His balls ached a little from their neglect the night before but Charlie was hopeful for the morning.

Colby lifted at Charlie's hips and Charlie was quickly on all fours unable to think of anything more that the cock pounding into him and the savage growls coming from Colby's throat.

Colby shifted his angle a bit and Charlie nearly blacked out as his prostate was nailed.

"Yes!" Charlie screamed out not really caring that he sounded like a cheap porn. "Yes. God. Please. Sir." Charlie cried out with every thrust. "Yes. Sir. Please. God. Colby. Sir. Yes. Sir. Master. Yes!" Charlie screamed as he felt Colby swell and pump hot cum deep into him. He felt Colby's hand on his cock and while he might not have had express permission he couldn't hold back any longer and came, emptying his balls across his own stomach.

Charlie collapsed as Colby rolled off him. He giggled breathlessly into his pillow. "Oh I wish you'd do that more often 'cause that's how to start a day." Charlie looked over as Colby was strangely silent. Colby was sitting on the edge of the bed looking pensive. "Was it not good for you?" Charlie asked only half joking.

Colby frowned. "What did you call me?"


"Just now."

Charlie tried to work out just what he had been screaming with a sudden horrid feeling that maybe, somehow, after all these years he'd screamed out someone else's name. "I think God came out a few times and seeing as how I'm an atheist you should take that as one heck of a compliment." Charlie tried to say lightly.

"You said Master."


"To me." Colby said quietly.

"Well there was no one else nailing my prostate like a jack hammer at the time." Charlie was quickly getting worried. He wasn't sure if he'd ever called Colby master before. Probably not, but god knows that's what he'd been thinking it for years.

"Don't." Colby snapped.

"Don't what?"

"Don't call me that."

'Shit. ' Charlie thought. He did not want to be dealing with Colby's weird paranoid, insecurities at seven in the morning. It was, if nothing else, really killing the afterglow. "It's just a word Colby."

"No it's not, and since when have you been even thinking it?"

"Since pretty much the moment you first cranked up the music and told me not to think about sound waves. Certainly since the moment you slapped my hands away from my own body and told me that was your job from now on." Charlie saw Colby flinch away. He knew Colby didn't like talking about those early days of their relationship.

"Well don't. Okay." Colby snapped standing up quickly.

"It's just a word."

"No it's not." Colby grabbed a robe and wrapped it tight around himself. "It'll... feed this thing in me. I have a hard enough time keeping control around you some days and there's no need to fucking encourage it."

Charlie took a long slow breath tapping down his own freak out. "What thing?" He asked carefully.

Colby's arms flailed. "I don't know. This thing that gets turned on flaying your skin half off. This thing that was never there before you but you seem to need but I don't!"

Charlie felt a low rage settle into his stomach. He stood up. "Are we discussing your singularly unique ability to derive and dispense sexual pleasure from controlling my temper tantrums and various anti-social personality disorders?"

"I don't know what it is but..."

"You don't need it?" Charlie cut in crisply. "You don't want it? If you don't need it and you don't want it then what the fuck" Charlie spat the word "has the last five years been? Pity? Is this what you're telling me? Our entire relationship is a five year pity fuck!" Charlie could feel his hands shake and see red begin to creep into the edges of his vision.

"No." Colby said quickly.

"Then what, Master? What? Tell me what the hell that was five minutes ago. Tell me you didn't go off like a rocket when I screamed that out."

"I don't know!" Colby shouted. "But it wasn't there before you and every damn time it gets harder to control!"

Charlie pressed his shaking hands to his forehead. "I can't deal with this. I have an early class. I need a shower. I can't fucking deal with this right now."

Colby rolled into the office like a thunderhead. He dropped a stack of reports on Don's desk and no one got in his way. He went to the break room and tried to make coffee but his hands kept shaking. He squeezed his hands into fist until he felt his nails bight into the palms of his hands.

'Quid pro quo, not allowed.' A small voice in his head said. Colby squeezed his fists tighter.

Charlie stormed into his class wearing midnight black, head to toe. He dropped a stack of homework on the front desk.

"I have your homework." He stated with no preamble. "You all got correct answers." Charlie watched his class smile. "And I'd fail every last one of you if I could." The smiles disappeared. "You all got the correct answers by doing exactly what I said. There are a dozen ways of solving the assigned problem and not a one of you showed the slightest spark of creative ingenuity or interest. I could program a computer to solve this problem and if I can get a computer to do it why am I wasting my time teaching fifteen uninspired lumps of carbon and salt water? I gave you a problem and you all simply regurgitated the answer and it will do you about as much good in the long run as what you hurled into the gutter on Friday night."

There was silence in the class room, pencils frozen over notebooks.

"Okay." Charlie threw his arms in the air. "Do any of you plan to be mathematicians or are you all taking this class for other shit?" Charlie watched in despair as one lone hand in the back of the room slowly went up. "Peterman? Seriously?" The plump pail boy nodded. "You have a C plus in this class?"

"I like the concepts." Peterman said softly. "I kinda fall down on the arithmetic."

Charlie put his face in his hands. "Okay Peterman I'm going to give you some advice. The rest of you can go back to thinking about your D and D games." Charlie walked across the room and leaned in close to the boy. "Peterman, get laid. Go to an opera. Read Howl. Get in a fight. Drop Acid. Do whatever the fuck it takes to remind yourself that your brain is a human brain and not a computer and is therefore capable of original thought because you are never going to solve unsolved problems by covering them with the vomit of shit some half off his rocker teacher spouted at you your sophomore year!"

Peterman nodded quickly. Charlie stomped back to the front of the room.

"Okay class open your books to chapter 34. I am going to teach you how to solve the problems contained therein. When I am finished I am going to give you a similar problem for your homework. You will show all your work and since there are easily a dozen ways of solving this variety of problem your grade will depend upon your creativity. A simple correct answer will only get you a C. Prove to me you are not lumps. Give me some hope for the future before I decide to just fall on my slide rule and be done with it."

David looked over at his partner and decided it must have been one hell of a fight. The suit Colby was wearing was one he hadn't seen in years which meant it was probably one that wasn't bought by Charlie.

"Wanna talk about it?" David offered.

"No." Colby replied not looking up from his work.

"Okay. Just remember I offered."

There was a light tap at Charlie's office door. "Charles?" Larry asked popping his head in.

"What!" Charlie snapped. Larry jumped back a bit. "I'm sorry Larry." Charlie said quickly. "What is it? Come on in."

Larry entered carefully and shut the door behind him. "Actually Charles I came to see how you are doing?"

"Me? I'm fine."

"Which is why you called your class lumps of carbon and salt water and advised them to drop acid?

Charlie sunk his hands into his face. He wished he could blame the outburst on being off his meds or something but he'd been taking them diligently. "Has that information gotten back to Millie yet?"

"I am sure it will at which point I am sure you will do penitence."

Charlie flopped into his chair. The day was just getting better and better. He should have just kept his mouth shut, or not pushed the point, or canceled class.

Larry perched himself on Charlie's desk and looked down at him with such a patient, understanding expression it almost made Charlie more angry. "Some of your students sent me as they were worried about your overall mental state."

"You're not my shrink, Larry."

"No, but I am your friend."

Charlie rubbed his hand across his face. "I'll give you three guess and the first two don't count."

"Then I shall guess a domestic dispute?"

"Got it in one."

"May I ask over what?"

Charlie shook his head. "I'd tell you but it would go into TMI territory very quickly."

Larry folded his arms with a scowl. "Charles, I would hope by now that you would not believe that my sensibilities were quite so sensitive."

Charlie let out a long sigh. Dr. Anar was on vacation and Charlie had to rant at someone. If nothing else over the years he'd learned to trust Larry's sense of discretion. Plus Larry was at least passingly familiar with the kind of relationship he and Colby had. "We had sex this morning." Charlie said flatly.

"Always a pleasant way to start a morning."

"Yeah, well, in the middle I said something I shouldn't have."

"You called out the wrong name?" Larry guessed.

Charlie cringed. "Sort of. Somewhere in the middle of dear god yes I might have said... master." Charlie peered up at Larry and was thankful Larry had done little more than raise an eyebrow. For whatever Larry might be thinking he had engaged his poker face.

"And Colby did not take that well?"

Charlie rolled his eyes and stood up. "That's the understatement of the year. He...god Larry. He got off on it. The same way he gets off on me calling him sir or seeing me on my knees and I don't mind. I quite enjoy it. It's practically the fucking corner stone of our relationship but I say master and he freaks out and acts like it's all something I put in his head 'cause he was repressed before me and the only reason he enjoys it is because of something I must have given him 'cause it wasn't there before me and don't you fucking think that if I could wave a magic wand and adjust someone's sexual tastes I wouldn't have fixed mine years ago and saved myself a fuck load of grief?"

"Did you tell him this?" Larry asked calmly, watching Charlie pace about the room.

"No." Charlie snapped. "I had to get to class and I was just so fucking mad I couldn't even see straight." Charlie flopped back down in his chair. "What hell is wrong with me Larry? Why do I do this to people? Why couldn't I have just been happy with Amita or at least found some nice, out, okay with himself, already gay boy, instead of..." Charlie waved his hand in the general direction of nothing then looked up at Larry. A deep frown had settled onto Larry's face. "What?"

"Charles, there is nothing wrong with you."

A dark chuckle bubbled out from Charlie's lips. "You really want to debate me on that? I've got documentation."

Larry's frown deepened. "Charles if I were you I would give Colby his space for a few days. I am willing to guess that his early life did not prepare him for the deep passions he now finds within himself and that can often be unsettling. And as for you, I'd take a relaxing dip in the math for a few days. Give yourself a little time to calm down. I'm sure you two will be able to work things out, just give it a little time."

"I don't know, Larry. I mean we can ignore it. Pretend like it didn't happen. Shit we pretend like the entire first year of our relationship didn't happen it was so weird and miserable anyways, that was, again, my fault."

Larry reached down from his perch and picked up Charlie's hands. Charlie leaned forward a bit. Larry wasn't really a physical contact kind of guy. He closed his eyes and leaned over Charlie's hands like he was praying.

"Charles, do the math. Give yourself a couple days of peace and perspective. I do believe it will be okay."

Colby came home. It was nearly nine. He had stayed late at the office getting a jump on paperwork and some background checks. The house was mostly dark. A light came from under the kitchen door and there was a light on in the garage.

He took his time putting away his papers and his guns before going to the garage. He pushed open the door. Charlie stood at a chalkboard and did math. He did it at a steady pace; the pace of a marathon, not a sprint. He was also somehow managing to keep white chalk dust off his black suit. Colby left without saying anything.

In the kitchen he found a single plate and fork drying next to the sink. Next to the stove was a plate covered in foil. Under the foil he found a grilled chicken breast, some rice and some vegetables. Colby ate them cold standing up in the kitchen then washed his plate.

He watched a half hour of CNN to make sure he was extra depressed about the state of the world then took a shower and got ready for bed. In the bedroom he found the bed had been neatly made and the sheets changed.

Colby got under the blankets and lay in the dark for hour after hour. At some point he heard the door open and felt the other side

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