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12 October 2014 @ 08:42 pm
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (4/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 4/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li.
Word count: 1,597
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 4

Colby's eyes fluttered open. Sun was leaking from beneath the curtains. The room smelled of melted wax the candles having burnt out some time during the night. His head hurt. His throat hurt, his eyes hurt, and to make it all worse the bed was missing Charlie. For as much as he feared hurting Charlie he'd developed a dislike of waking up alone. The door opened and Charlie stepped in carrying a tray which he put by the side of the bed.

"Hey, you're awake," Charlie said gently.

"Yeah." Colby winced at his voice. It sounded raw. "Should I ask how bad it was?" Colby seldom remembered the details between the nightmares just the dreams themselves.

Charlie sat on the bed. "You've been worse."

"Are you okay?"

Charlie smiled a little. "I'm fine."

"What about that?" Colby pointed to a long scrape along Charlie's leg.

"Yeah, um, you need to trim your toe nails."

Colby cringed. "Oh, god, tell me you cleaned it."

"Iodined the heck out of it. Don't worry about it. Now I made some breakfast and you should eat."

"You know I hate to contradict your father's teachings but food doesn't actually fix everything."

Charlie put on an exaggerate expression of offense. "Blaspheme!" Charlie picked up the tray and put it between them on the bed. "Sit up. Eat."

Breakfast was toaster waffles, orange juice, coffee, Tylenol, and some fruit, and it did go a long way to making Colby feel a little more human.

"Did you get any sleep?" Colby asked noticing the circles under Charlie's eyes.

"I'm fine," Charlie replied.

"I'll take that as a no."

"Don't worry about me. You and I aren't going anywhere or doing anything this weekend. We're going to relax and catch up on our TV watching. That's it."

Colby took in the look of unshakable resolve on Charlie's face. "Just tell me you'll take a nap later."

"Sure. It's a deal."

Colby was stretched out on his couch in his study, formally Charlie's bedroom. It had his old sofa, TV, and sound system. It wasn't quite dark enough to be a proper man cave so they just called it his study. Charlie was stretched out with him but had fallen asleep halfway through the movie. Even in sleep Charlie looked tired and Colby wondered if Charlie had actually stayed awake all night shaking him awake from the nightmares. Colby was tempted to try the sedatives again. He still had nightmares but the drugs left him half paralyzed so he didn't lash out and didn't wake up. Charlie had been the one to veto those after the first try.

Colby also knew that Charlie was looking at that place in Canada again. He had called them up on his own, and asked about treatment costs. They'd given him the impression that if he had to ask he probably couldn't afford it and when they finally quoted him a number that was close to what he made in a year he had politely said thank you and hung up.

Colby muted the credits on Sullivan's Travels, a gift from Don last Christmas, and watched as Charlie stirred a little then sank back into sleep. He was a little envious but knew that winter would bring Charlie his own nightmares. Once the average temperature was cold enough for Charlie to get chilled walking to the car or get cold feet in the garage Charlie's dreams would land him in Leacroft's warehouse. On those nights he'd cling to Colby for a combination of warmth and safety.

Charlie shifted again and woke up. "How'd it end?" he mumbled.

"They lived happily ever after."

Charlie rubbed his eyes. "I'll have to rewatch it. It's Don's favorite movie. I'm sure there'll be a quiz."

"That's really Don's favorite movie?"

"Yeah. Mom liked old movies. Anything in black and white. It was how she made up to Don for all the time she spent with me. After I went to bed she'd let Don stay up late and watch old movies with her."

"What was your mom's favorite move?"

"It's a Wonderful Life. I think that's why she wanted a Christmas tree sometimes." Charlie shifted around on the couch a bit so he could look at Colby. "Do you want a Christmas tree this year?"

"Uhh..." On the long list of questions Colby might have been expecting that was not one of them. It was a valid question. He and Charlie had never really done joint holidays. Colby would put up a little plastic tree in his apartment and Alan usually had the menorah at the house even though the Eppes were not particularly religious. "Why do you ask?" Colby finally replied.

"Well you always have that little dinky plastic tree, I was just thinking you could put up a proper sized tree this year."

A proper Christmas tree did sound kinda nice to Colby. It has been a long time since he had one. "You wouldn't mind?"

"No. It's your house too. And it would make the place smell pine fresh."

Colby grinned then kissed Charlie. Christmas was still a few months off but the thought of a big proper tree with lights and a star on top did make Colby feel kinda warm and fluffy. And with several more bad nights ahead of him warm and fluffy was a good feeling.

Lancer held the third syringe. He smiled and handed it to Don, David by his side. Colby looked passed them as he heard Charlie moan. Dwayne had Charlie pinned to wall, thrusting against him. Charlie's head rolled back in lust. "No!" Colby wanted to scream but no sound came out.

Don stepped in front of Colby. "We have to kill traitors. You know that," Colby couldn't speak. Don drove the syringe into Colby's chest.

Colby snapped his eyes open. He tried to move but still had the paralysis of sleep for a moment. Charlie was stroking his face. "It's okay. You're safe." Charlie was saying.

Colby found he could move his fingers. He grabbed Charlie and hulled him in for a bruising kiss.

"You're mine," Colby hissed. It was not a question.

"All yours, always, no one else," Charlie replied quite calmly.

"No one else," Colby repeated.

"No one else." Charlie stroked Colby's face until he began to calm down. "It's almost morning. Try to get another hour sleep. I'll be here when you wake up again, I promise."

Charlie licked the bit of blood from the inside of his lip as Colby drifted back off. That was definitely new. Colby had wakened from nightmares, screaming, fighting, kicking and crying but never sexually aggressive or possessive. He wondered what had brought it on. If it was Charlie using sex to exhaust Colby before sleep or if perhaps the more possessive nature of their relationship had finally filtered into Colby's subconscious.

He hoped his lip didn't swell too much. Colby got incredibly guilty about any visible injury. The year of the black eye it was all he could do to keep Colby from turning himself in on domestic abuse charges. And Colby hadn't even taken a swing. He'd simply rolled over in the middle of the night, flopped his arm over and had happened to whack Charlie in the eye.

He could see the very first bit of grey light through the window. With any luck Colby would have dreamed himself out. Charlie's theory did seem to be working however. Friday night was only 8 nightmares and Saturday only 6 so far.

Charlie wondered if Colby's mother had sung to him as a baby. Charlie was willing to bet no and cursed that woman for the second night running. He cursed Dwayne Carter for ever existing then threw in a curse for Lancer, and then for good measure Charlie threw in a curse for himself for even for a moment believing Colby's confession.

Colby's head twitched and he gave a slight whimper. Charlie sighed in exhaustion and held Colby tight.

Charlie adjusted his tie. He normally kept to the rule of no white after Labor Day but the cream colored suit would serve to make him look less pail and sleep deprived. He had wanted to get out of work all together but there were a half dozen important meetings where he had to put in face time if he wanted funding and the right schedule, not to mention a place for Dr. Spender in the spring semester. At least the worst was usually over by the first three nights. Charlie was pretty sure he could risk sleeping a little himself.

He turned to Colby who was still bundled up in bed. "How do I look?"

"You look great." Colby's voice was a little hoarse after his nightly bout of yelling.

"Now are you sure you're going to be okay? 'Cause if not..."

"I will be fine," Colby stated firmly.

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

"And you're not going to try to go into work?"


Charlie scowled. Colby had taken just a little too long to respond. "Colby."

"I won't go into work."

"Not even to do paper work or just check your email."

Colby raised three fingers. "Scouts honor."

"I'm calling Don and if you show up he's throwing you right back out."

"I will sit on the couch and watch TV all day. I promise."

Charlie leaned in I gave Colby a kiss. "I love you. I'll be home for lunch and I'll call between meetings."

Colby kissed him back. "I love you too."

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