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10 October 2014 @ 02:40 pm
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (3/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 3/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li, Millie Finch.
Word count: 5,694
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 3

Don paced the small waiting room.

"Don, sit down."

Don ignored his brother. It was maybe the twentieth time Charlie had said that in the last few hours. Mattie was staying with Alan and Kathryn but Charlie had volunteered to wait with Don while Anne was in surgery.

It wasn't like it was open heart surgery or anything. All the work was being done well away from any major internal organs. It was closer to plastic surgery than anything else, but the surgeon had explained that it would be a time consuming procedure and there was always risk putting someone under general anesthetic.

"Don, sit down." Charlie said again.

Don sat but couldn't sit still. There was too much worry that was translating into too much energy just vibrating through him.

Charlie gave an exaggerated sigh and put aside his math journal. "Don. She is going to be fine."

Don waved Charlie away and stood up again. "I know, I know. I just... I just fucking hate hospitals."

"You're not exactly alone there."


Don kept wandering around the room, sometimes picking up a magazine and putting it right back down. He was aware that Charlie was watching him. He could practically feel Charlie's eyes bore into him until he finally slowed and stopped moving and just starred back at his brother.

"How are you, Don?" Charlie asked once the silence had stretched between them.

"I'm here." Don replied.

"Yes, you are."

Don lowered his head and closed his eyes. There was a certain tone of voice Charlie used sometimes. He had encountered it at one of the lowest moments of his life. There was something about Charlie using it that made him want to just hand Charlie the keys to his life and let him drive for a bit, and it would be okay.

"Why don't you sit down, Don?"

Don sat down, all the nervous energy suddenly draining out of him. "How do you do that, Chuck?" Don asked quietly.

"Do what?"

"Get me to do stuff just by telling me to do it. You've done it a few times before. It's kinda creepy."

An odd smile quirked Charlie's lips. "I've been teaching in some capacity or another since I was thirteen. I've developed many powers I chose to use for good instead of evil." Don chuckled. "Compared to wrangling two dozen frat boys who are all flunking introductory calculus, you're easy."

"Gee, thanks."

Charlie smiled softly. "How are you, Don? Really? How's your life?"

Don didn't answer with the automatic, fine. "It's... It's okay."



"Are you happy?" Charlie asked.

For a moment Don thought about how rarely anyone had ever asked him that. "Yeah, most days."

"And the day's you're not?"

"Anne holds me and tells me it'll all be okay in the end. And for some reason I believe her." Don knew that wasn't something he would never admit to anyone else; the need, some dark days, just to be held by his petite wife, but those little arms of hers always seemed to have extra strength and there was something quiet about her in those moments as well, and that quiet would expand around them until even Don's ghosts and dark thoughts fell silent.

"Beats sucking on your gun, doesn't it?"

"I wouldn't do that anymore."

"You promised you wouldn't."

"And I have responsibilities now. I couldn't do that to Mattie, no matter how bad it gets some days." Don took a deep breath. "I've got to be a father. Odds are too good he'll lose me early as is. Can't add to those."

Don felt Charlie take his hand. "Don, you are going to live to see Mattie grow up, go to school, get married, and have little Eppesies of his own, hopefully in that order."

Don chuckled a little at the thought of himself as a grandfather. "And how do you know this?"

Charlie gave a small enigmatic smile. "I just do."

"You just do." Don repeated, staring at the ceiling which was tiled with those little square tiles that have dots on them. "Hey, how many dots are on the ceiling?"

Charlie looked up. "Three hundred seventy thousand," he answered almost immediately.

Don grinned. "You know it's still cool that you can do that?"

"Glad I could be a source of amusement."

"You know when I was eight I tried to take you to school with me for show and tell."

Charlie cracked up. "Really?"

"Yeah, I mean kids got to bring in their pet turtles and stuff and I thought you were way cooler than a turtle."

Charlie was still staring at the ceiling. "Where'd we go wrong Don? Why didn't we talk all those years?"

"I don't know. Probably because we both thought that we'd have nothing to talk about, nothing in common."

"We might have been right. I mean we hadn't exactly been encouraged to have common interests."

"True." Don sat up a bit and turned to Charlie. "Okay. Year after high school. You're 14 I'm 19. It's almost summer break again, we're as close as brother's can be, tell each other everything, I pick up the phone. Hey buddy, how's it going out there in Jersey, how's your life? What do you say?"

Don watched as Charlie's face grew dark, his jaw tightened as he continued to stare at the ceiling. "Don, I think I'm in love," Charlie said quietly. "His name's Martin Smith, he's like me, smart. And he kisses really well, and has beautiful blue eyes, but his dad just caught us and threw books at my head and called me a catamite and I'm not allowed to see him anymore and at the end of the semester they're moving back to Salt Lake City. And he's the only person I know who's my age so I don't know what I'm supposed to do now."

Don reached out and took Charlie's hand, he gave it a little squeeze. "That sucks, buddy. I'm sorry."

"How about you, Don? How's college treating you?"

Don thought about it for a moment. "I'm not good enough. I'm not going to be good enough. I'm fine for college, I can keep my scholarship, I might even make the minors but these guys are just bigger than I am and it doesn't matter how smart I am, I'm never batting .300, I'm never pitching 95, so I've got to think up a plan B."

Don felt Charlie squeeze his hand tight. "I'm sure you'll make it. Just lay off those high fast ones."

"I like the high, fast ones."

"Doesn't mean you can hit them."

That nearly antique advice rang in Don's ears. "Did mom know, about Martin I mean?"

"Yeah, she walked in on us 'studying' with his tongue in my ear and my hands under his shirt."


"I begged her not to tell you or dad and then she gave me the most painfully embarrassing safe sex talk and to this day I don't want to know where she got some of that information. I mean this was pre-internet days."

"Hey, it couldn't have been any worse than the 'porn is evil and degrading to women' talk I got."

"Did you have to hear mom use the words non petroleum based lubrication?"

Don felt his stomach lurch a little. "No."

"Then trust me, mine was worse."

Don looked up and tried to count the dots on the ceiling himself. "Charlie, what are you working on?" he asked suddenly figuring if Charlie was in an opening up mood he might get an answer.

"Well I've got those two cold cases I think I'm beginning to get a hand on, Larry's got a new idea about the movement of micro particals..."

"No, no." Don shook his head. "You've got something big, not cognitive emergence. It's something else big."

"What makes you say that?"

Don recognized Charlie's poker face and knew he was on the right track. "I pay attention. I can recognize the different types of math you do. Don't necessarily know what it means but I usually know what it's for and you've been plugging away at something I don't recognize since, I don't know, before Mattie was born I think, and if it was a grand new theory or something you'd be talking about it, but you're not. So what is it?"

Charlie looked first up at the ceiling then down at his hands. "It's... something that may never come to fruition."

"But what is it?" Charlie shook his head. "Does it have to do with why you're in Washington twice a month?"

"Sort of."

"Is it gonna change the world?"

Charlie shrugged a little. "Maybe, yeah. If I can get it off the ground."

Don's curiosity was piqued. "How big are we talking here?"

"Picture... trying to get the Spruce Goose to dog fight with an F-16."

"You're not going to give me any details are you?"

"Let's just say, at the end of the day, everything I do is for the family."

Don was going to press that when the door to the waiting room opened. Don was on his feet in an instant.

"Mr. Eppes?" the doctor asked.

"Yes. What is it? Is Anne okay?" Don didn't even try to hide the panic in his voice.

"Your wife is fine. She's resting in post-op. She's still asleep but she should be awake in a half hour or so. The surgery went very well. Some of the damage was not as bad as we feared once we got a closer look at it. We'll want to keep her overnight for observation but if all goes well there's no reason she shouldn't be home by this time tomorrow."

Don let out a long breath and felt Charlie put a comforting hand on his back. "See. I told you she'd be fine."

Millie strolled contently down the halls of CalSci. It was a place she truly loved. Oh the two years in Japan had been interesting, almost as interesting as Antarctica in their way, but she'd found herself missing her merry little band of eccentrics, so when CalSci wanted to renegotiate for a year of her services as joint department head, again, she'd found herself on a plane bound for LAX.

She turned around a corner and suddenly bumped into someone. "I'm sorry." Millie said automatically.


Millie looked over the person she'd bumped into and grinned. "Hello Dr. Eppes, how are you doing?"

"You're back!" he exclaimed.


"Are you back, back? I mean are you are new department head back?"

"For at least a year, yes." Millie wasn't sure what she was expecting but she wasn't expecting Dr. Eppes, who was often a little confrontational with her, to throw his arms around her and hold her like a drowning man.

"Please be back and never, never leave us again," Dr. Eppes said quickly.

Millie peeled his arms from around her. "Dr. Eppes, I don't recall that warm a welcome during my last run as your boss."

"All things are relative." His look was a little manic.

"I'm guessing Dr. Monroe was perhaps not the best candidate for the job?" Millie asked carefully.

"He tried to pimp me out at one of the last fund raising balls, literally." Dr. Eppes hissed.

Millie cringed. "Well in that case I may have to ask CalSci for a slightly longer contract then, wont I? We can't have the virtue of our tenured professors threatened, now can we?"

Dr. Eppes grinned, grabbed her sleeve like a child might, and began dragging her down the hall to the staff room. She found a good majority of the math and physics professors there, hunched over morning coffee.

"Millie's back and she's never leaving us again." Dr. Eppes announced to the room.

Millie suddenly found herself in the middle of a group hug with men and women who, as a general rule, don't hug.

She laughed. "Okay, okay, I get the picture. I've been missed and Dr. Monroe is perhaps not the best administrator."

There was mass rolling of eyes and a calliope of bitching. Millie waved her hands. "I haven't signed anything yet but I'm on for at least a year and we'll see about more. Now what have I missed?"

"Well Larry's going to be starting a year's sabbatical in about five months." Dr. Eppes supplied.

"Back to the monastery?" Millie asked hoping that Dr. Fleinhardt was going to stay on Earth to find himself this time.

"Not precisely." Dr. Fleinhardt answered.

Dr. Eppes had an odd grin. "A particular member of the FBI is currently in the family way, as they say, and guess who did it?" Dr. Eppes pointed to Dr. Fleinhardt.

"Lawrence." Dr. Fleinhardt blushed and cast his eyes towards the heavens. Millie gave him a little punch in the arm despite any misgiving she many have had at the thought of Larry Fleinhardt becoming a parent.

"Oh! And I think you should hire a new junior professor," Dr. Eppes said suddenly. "And I know just the guy."

"Who and why?"

"Dr. Ricky Spender and because I want a minion."

Millie peered at Dr. Eppes over the top of her glasses and had a funny feeling that he had given a completely honest answer.

"Alright. I need to go to a couple of meetings, sign a contract, and then we will discuss your plans for world domination."

"And the fact that I'm parking in F lot." Dr. Meckler said from the other side of the room.

Millie waved her hands. "Let me sign the contract then we can all talk about damage control and I will get to all of you." Millie looked around at the eager faces. 'Yep, good to be home.'

Charlie cornered Don on the over bridge. It was an oddly private place to talk considering the fact that it was in public. People could see you talking but no one could hear over the white noise of the cars below.

"Hey Don, I was wondering, could you make sure Colby has this coming weekend off. Like totally off? Plus Monday?"

"He's got to put in for his own days off, Buddy."

"He's getting his flu shot on Friday," Charlie said bluntly.

"Oh." Was Don's immediate reply. "Is a weekend going to be enough time?"

Charlie shook his head. "No, but he won't take a month off like I want him to."

Don just nodded. This happened every year. Every year a memo went around saying that every agent had to get a flu shot, and every year, like the good solider he was, Colby would march down to his doctor's and get a flu shot. And every year, at least according to Charlie, Colby would barely sleep for three days and have screaming nightmares for up to a month.

"Is he getting any better?" Don asked knowing full well it was a kind of stupid question.

Charlie shrugged. "Define better. Last year it was 27 nights, year before it was 31, before that it was 28. And it's going to be bad this year 'cause his doctor needs to take blood samples that we've been putting off and..." Charlie shrugged again his face grim.

"Three little needles." Don muttered half to himself still amazed at the amount of damage three needles had done and continued to do and not just to Colby. Every year Charlie would refuse to leave Colby's side and every year Charlie would end up looking like a domestic abuse victim care of Colby's nightly terrors. Don wasn't half terrified himself that one of these years Colby wouldn't wake up in time and do Charlie serious damage.

"It's not just the needles," Charlie replied to Don's mumble. "It's all a big cycle. The needles are Lancer, Lancer is the boat, the boat is Carter, Carter is Afghanistan, Afghanistan is the burning Humvee, the Humvee is Carter is the boat is Lancer is the needles..."

"I get the picture."

"You know, if I had the power of resurrection, if I could raise someone from the grave, just once, I would bring back Dwayne Carter, just so I could shoot that fucking bastard myself."

Don was slightly shocked by the bluntness of Charlie's violent desires. Usually Charlie's plans for petty revenge were more complicated. "Carter really got inside his head, didn't he?"

"You have no idea." Charlie's voice was cold. "He told Colby over and over that he owned him 'cause he'd saved Colby's life and that was worth more than his morals or loyalty to his country, or..." Charlie's fists had clenched into tight little balls.

Don subtly moved a half step back. "Did...uh... I mean were Colby and Carter..?" Don tried to make some vague hand gestures to get across what he was asking. It was something he'd been wondering for a while but it wasn't exactly something easy to bring up in conversation.

"No," Charlie quickly snapped. "Thank god, no. I can't even imagine what sex with that bastard would have done to Colby. But you know what Colby does?"


"Every month, one hundred bucks in an envelope to Carter's son. Two hundred on the kid's birthday and Christmas."

"That adds up."

"Yeah, Plus another hundred a month into a savings account for the kid's college. Colby thinks I don't know about it. One of those little relationship lies and I know the kid didn't do anything and could probably use the money but it's like he trying to keep a link with that son of a bitch. Drives me nuts."

Don gave Charlie a pat on the shoulder since he couldn't really think of anything useful to say. Colby's army days were pretty much a no go topic. Don felt for Charlie but certainly didn't have any answers. "It's going to be bad this year isn't it?" Don finally said.

Charlie just shrugged. "Probably, but we're going to try something new."

"I don't suppose this new thing would involve you sleeping in another room?"

Don watched Charlie's face turn cold and knew that had been the wrong thing to say. "Don, do you really think, after everything, that I would let him wake up alone?"

Colby breathed, or at least tried to. He knew he was scaring himself more than anything. Charlie was sitting right next to him on the exam table while Doctor Goldman got everything ready.

David was standing quietly in the corner of the exam room. Colby knew he could usually handle the one quick flu jab he got every year, but this year there would be more than one needle so he'd asked David to come along just in case he really panicked and tried to fight back. David could probably take him down, where as Dr. Goldman or Charlie would never stand a chance.

Dr. Goldman brought a tray over. "Alright, which arm?"

Colby though about it. "Right. He used the left so right arm."

Colby felt Charlie give his knee a squeeze.

"Okay, well, roll up your sleeve then." Colby rolled up his sleeve to the shoulder. "Probably best to do the blood draw first."

Colby nodded and tried to swallow but his throat felt tight. Suddenly Charlie's hands were on his face turning his head away from what the doctor was doing. "Look at me." Charlie said in a firm clear voice.

Colby felt a strap go around his arm. He hated this. He hadn't cracked when Lancer wanted information. He hadn't given Lancer the satisfaction of his screams, but here, in his doctor's office, years later, Colby was willing to spill any secret, give any information, to not have to do this.

He felt the cold wet of the alcohol swab and felt his pulse kick up. He tried to breathe but couldn't. His lungs felt like they were ten sizes too small. There was no air. Then he felt the prick of the needle. There was a roaring in his ears that sounded like the ocean or the hum of a big engine. Under it was the most pathetic little whimper and e had a feeling it had come from his own throat. Charlie's hands were still on his face. He couldn't hear what Charlie was saying but could read his lips. 'Look at me, keep looking at me.' Colby felt the needle move in his arm. He tried to take a breath to scream but no air went in. His world went grey, then black.

Colby opened his eyes. He was in a bright room. His head hurt. He felt hung over but couldn't remember drinking. A mask over his mouth and nose was blowing in air. Charlie was hovering over him looking worried.

He licked his lips a few times and pulled away the simple mask. "Who hit me?" he asked Charlie.

"You experienced a rapid drop in blood pressure which lead to unconsciousness." A voice to Colby's right said.

He rolled his head to the side. Dr. Goldman and David were both watching him.

"I fainted?" Colby asked feeling truly pathetic.

David grinned a little. "Say blacked out. Sounds less girly."

"Might have been for the best." Dr. Goldman added. "I gave you your flu shot and a tetanus booster while you were out."

Colby groaned and tried to sit up but Charlie pushed him right back down. "Oh no. You get to rest until your blood pressure is back to normal."

"I'm fine." Colby objected and tried to sit back up. This time David's hand pushed him back down.

"Seriously man, just give yourself two minutes and enjoy the oxygen. Worst is over."

Colby closed his eyes but didn't tell David he was wrong. He knew from experience the worst was yet to come.

Colby tried to think of nothing but the feel of Charlie's hands on him.

Charlie had stated that he had a new idea of how to make the first few nights a little more bearable. Colby would be surprised if anything worked. Usually he would lay awake until completely exhausted then fall asleep and fall right into nightmares. The nightmares weren't always about Lancer either. Sometimes it was Afghanistan, the smell of burning gas and rubber, the feel of flames. In his nightmares he didn't get out, he burned alive or worse he did get out but someone else was trapped, Charlie or David or Don. Other nightmares had him back in Idaho, Charlie laying by his father's grave, beaten to death, Colby unable to move.

"Stop thinking." Charlie's voice came over the sound of falling water. Charlie was bathing him, methodically soaping and scrubbing every inch of Colby's body. It felt beyond decedent but he wasn't sure how it was supposed to help. Still, Charlie's hands were doing wonderful things to his arches. "Does that feel okay?" Charlie asked. Colby just groaned out his approval and tried to focus on Charlie's hands.

After a while the water was turned off. Colby stepped out of the tub and into his freshly laundered bathrobe. Charlie gave him a quick peck. "Can you wait here for two minutes then come to the bedroom?"

"Sure." Colby was curious. Charlie hadn't let him in the bedroom since this morning.

Charlie rushed out, and after giving his teeth a quick brush, Colby followed. He pushed open the bedroom door and found the whole room changed. It was lit by soft candle light. The bed had been converted into more of a nest and there was a large tray of food, all cut up small enough to be eaten easily with fingers. The whole room had a distinctly hedonistic feel.

Charlie was sitting on the bed, his back against the head board. "Come here." He patted the bed.

Colby climbed onto the bed and with Charlie's guidance wriggled around until he was half sitting up in Charlie's arms. "So what's this grand plan for yours?" he asked.

"Well, usually on this night your habit is it lay awake until exhausted, then fall asleep, and wake up several times in the night with disturbed dreams."

"That's one word for them." Colby grumbled under his breath.

"So my plan for tonight is to feed you, exhaust you, and then hold you while you sleep, because if you are aware of my physical presence you calm down more rapidly when you wake, return to sleep sooner, and wake fewer times on average."

Colby sat up and turned around. "No, Charlie. I'll hurt you again."

"I'll survive. My point stands and I have several year's worth of data to back my plan."

Colby didn't know if he was up for fighting this fight again. Every year Charlie insisted on sleeping by his side no matter how bad it got. And Charlie would have considered it data collection. "Does that data include the year you needed a tooth put back in, or two cracked ribs, or the black eye? We shouldn't even be in the same room."

"I've gotten better a ducking over the years. I'm not leaving you alone Colby. That will only make it worse in the long run."

"Well then you should at least, I don't know, cuff me to the bed or something."

"Like fuck," was Charlie's immediate response. "Think of it this way, if I'm right up against you you'll actually be less likely to catch me with a random swing."

"You're not letting this go, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Now come on, at least let me feed you."

Colby scowled but Charlie lifted the large tray and put it between them. There was easily enough food for four people. It was a decedent picnic spread with cheeses and meats, fruits and berries dipped in chocolate, plus little savory tarts that went down in just a couple of bites. Colby though he recognized them from a fancy deli Alan sometimes frequented.

Charlie picked up a slice of pear half dipped in chocolate and held it out for Colby. "Dessert first?"

"Why not?"

Colby was a little hungry. It was warring with the nausea. He took a bite of the pear. It was cold and sweet and the chocolate was just verging on bitter. Charlie smiled and took a bite of the pear himself. They went through the meal that way, feeding each other bites and nibbles, licked the crumbs from each others fingers. Charlie proved his years of higher education were not a waste by braiding three cherry stems with his tongue.

By the time Charlie put the tray to the side Colby was actually feeling quite sedate and had almost managed to forget what was to come.

Charlie leaned against a pile of pillows. He didn't know they owned that many pillows. "Come up here. Lay against me." He opened his mouth to object. "You don't have to sleep yet," Charlie said quickly. "Just let me hold you for a bit." He spread his arms and put on the puppy dog eyes that were very hard to resist.

Colby climbed into Charlie's arms and lay his head against Charlie's shoulder. Charlie's fingers started combing though his hair in just the right way. Colby sighed and felt his body relax in an almost Pavlovian response. After the really bad cases, and the ugly shoot outs, and the days in court where it seemed like the system was against them Charlie could touch him in just the right way and all the stress would start to melt away.

"I can't believe I fainted." Colby mumbled against Charlie's neck.

"It's okay. David caught you before you hit the floor."

Charlie was still running his fingers through Colby's hair but with his other hand he started rubbing slow circles low on Colby's stomach. He relaxed that much more until Charlie's hand moved a little further south. He looked down just to double check but was still surprised at the erection curving up between his legs. Charlie's fingers danced around the tip. Colby groaned out Charlie's name.

"Shhh. Close your eyes. Let me take care of you."

He closed his eyes and let Charlie's fingers dance over his cock teasing at the head before they wrapped firmly around the base and began long, strong strokes. Colby smiled. This was definitely one of the benefits of being with a man, even the most skilled women Colby had ever been with did not quite understand what was entailed in a truly good hand job. Not that Colby held that against them. He was sure lesbians were probably better at going down on women then men were for the same reason.

His hips started to jerk into Charlie's hand and Charlie backed off, switching to lighter, slower strokes. He let himself melt. He knew what Charlie was doing, dragging it out, distracting him from oncoming horrors with talented hands.

Charlie sped up again bringing Colby groaning right to the edge before stopping cold. Colby shuddered and gasped and gave a tiny whimper before Charlie's fingers wrapped around him for a third time. This time Charlie kept his strokes strong but slow and steady. Colby felt himself build up quickly and steadily until he finally tipped over the edge into Charlie's hand with a quiet sigh.

Charlie watched as Colby's eyes fluttered and his breathing began to slow. Coming usually did two things to Colby depending on the situation; either he got revved up right to the edge of hyper or he fell asleep. He knew a slow build hand job would have Colby peacefully off to sleepy land. It was another theory he'd been working on. Colby usually fell asleep with all the fears, worries and memories spinning around his head. Charlie had an idea that if maybe he was thinking about something else, or better yet nothing at all, maybe the dreams would take a little longer to kick in.

He still couldn't believe Colby suggested cuffs. Like that wouldn't trigger off something. Colby was starting to snore a little. Charlie started musing on math for Larry's most recent theory on particles. He wasn't planning on sleeping himself. He'd taken a couple of slow release caffeine tablets before their shower. He would stay awake and keep vigil. And no mater what Colby or Don thought the risks were worth it. Eleven months out of the year Colby put up with his insanities, eccentricities, and insecurities. For one month at the start of autumn he could take care of Colby in every way he could think of.

He would do more but Colby was proud. Charlie had read about an exclusive resort/mental health facility in Canada that was doing groundbreaking work in PTSD for wealthy families that could afford to send their broken soldier sons. Charlie could afford to send himself and Colby for a month with no worries but Colby would never take that much time off or let Charlie spend that much for 'a silly fear and some nightmares'.

Charlie silently cursed Colby's mother for convincing her son that any distressing emotion was something real men didn't have. And what kind of mother won't hold her son after a bad dream? Charlie's genius mind had cursed him with plenty of bad dreams as a child and his parents had always been there to hold him. In retrospect he probably put a painful dent in his parent's sex life but they never said anything; just let him crawl between them and be held.

Charlie cursed the rest of the Grangers as well. Colby had shown him the handful of pictures he had from home. He had been adorable as a child with wide green eyes; small and shy looking compared to the walking mountains that were his brothers. He even had glasses in a few pictures; apparently do to slight astigmatism until he was twelve. How could the Grangers have not known what an amazing spirit was in their presence?

He stroked the side of Colby's face, he didn't seem to be in REM sleep yet. That was good. It was the low grade exhaustion that plagued Colby after his shots that was particularly worrisome. His reaction time in the field just had to be a little off one day for everything to go to hell. Don knew that and always did his best to surreptitiously keep Colby at his desk buried in paperwork for at least a week. Charlie was afraid that it would take something going bad in the field for Colby to agree to more serious or unconventional therapies. He knew it was a bit of the pot calling the kettle black but as Charlie pointed out he didn't walk around every day with a Glock and really his only major trigger was getting cold and they lived in LA.

Colby's head moved slightly. Charlie looked down and could see Colby's eyes shifting under his lids.

Charlie took a deep breath and leaned in close. "You are in a dream." He whispered into Colby's ear. "You are dreaming. You are safe, at home, in bed. You are just dreaming, it is all just a dream. It is all a dream and you are in control." Colby's head twisted violently to the side as if he'd been struck. "You are dreaming. You are safe. You are safe. You are just dreaming." Charlie repeated hoping the information would get through to where ever Colby was. "You are safe." Colby took a deep breath and seemed to settle down a little. "You are safe, you are safe," he repeated over and over hoping Colby would sink into a deeper dreamless sleep.

It seemed to work for a few minutes until suddenly Colby's arm lashed out and his legs began kicking. "Wake up Colby," Charlie said firmly giving Colby a bit of a shake. "You're dreaming wake up." Colby took another swing that Charlie easily avoided before his eyes popped open, his breath coming in hard fits. "It's okay, it's okay. It was just a dream." Colby blinked a few times then his face just crumbled. Charlie held him tight. That was one dream down. Seven to eleven more to go.

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Devo79devo79 on October 10th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
Really enjoying this.
ladygray99ladygray99 on October 10th, 2014 02:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you.