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09 October 2014 @ 09:18 am
The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1 (2/17)  
Title: The Delicate Brothers – ACT 1
Author: ladygray99
Rating: NC17
Chapter 2/17
Series: Whitman
Characters/Pairings:Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry, Tarry Lake, David Sinclair, Matt Li.
Word count:
Warnings/Spoilers: Threeways, spankings, shaving, sexual discipline, gross descriptions of crime scenes, masturbation, medical stuff related to pregnancy and childbirth, original characters.
Summary: Life progresses, life happens, life perseveres, and life is better with someone by your side.
Notes: Master Notes for Story. This part has sex.
Beta: None, feel free to point out typos of which there are many I am sure.

Chapter 2

Ian wasn't sure if he could move if he needed to. His body had settled into almost pure relaxation in Robert's arms, Robert's fingers teasing gently through his hair.

"How are you doing?" Robert asked.

Ian just hummed contently from his place resting against Robert's chest.

"You know Ian, one of these days you're going to show up on our porch and we're not going to let you go. We're just going to chain you to this bed and keep you here."

Ian chuckled. "You'd get sick of me pretty quick."

"You know we wouldn't."

Ian didn't answer. Every time he'd shown up Robert and Rose offered him a place and it was never as easy to say no as he liked to admit. Ian looked up at Robert. He knew no one would believe it if they saw him this way. Robert was a blond and blue, MBA, college football star, briefly a pornographic film maker and one of Ian's oldest remaining friends. He was also the only man Ian had ever let top him. Ian wasn't even sure what it was about Robert but he was as bad as any girl, melting into dreamy blue eyes. He told himself it was one of the reasons he said no to the offer of a home. It would be easy to lose himself in Robert, again.

Robert plucked a chocolate from a box and held it to Ian's lips. He sucked in the chocolate and bit down drinking the rum from the center.

"You're just trying to get me drunk so you can have your wicked way with me."

Robert gave a chuckle sending vibrations pleasantly though Ian's body. "Since when do I have to get you drunk to have my way with you?"

Ian lifted his head as the bedroom door opened and Rosie stepped in.

"You boys better not be starting without me."

Ian just smiled at the sight of her. Years of dance training had given her long lean muscles. Genetics had given her red hair, green eyes, and peaches and cream skin. Genetics had also given her a perfect hourglass figure which choreographers and casting agents had dismissed as fat.

Rosie had gotten her revenge by finding legions of men desperate to worship her body and feel the sting of her whip, and were willing to pay a grand an hour to do it.

Ian gave a little pout. "Your husband's trying to get me drunk so he can defile me."

Rose gave a bark of laughter. "Since when does he have to get you drunk to do that?" She sat on the edge of the bed. "Somebody get me out of this."

Ian sat up, carefully pulling at the laces of the black leather and satin corset that was Rosie's work uniform. Ian took his time. The first time he'd pulled her out of her corset in a wave of lust he'd gone too fast and she'd blacked out from the sudden blood pressure shift.

Once the laces were loose Rosie put her arms up and Ian simply pulled the whole thing over her head. She bent backwards with a coliepy of popping vertebra and gave Ian a quick peck of a kiss.

"I'm taking a shower."

"Can we watch?" Robert asked.

"No." Both Robert and Ian gave little wines of protest. "Oh stop it you two. I'll be quick."

"Better be."

Ian leaned back against Robert and thought about nothing in particular as the shower turned on in the other room. This was one of the few places on earth where Ian let himself just think about nothing, worry about nothing. And with a standing offer of a permanent place in the marriage bed, and even a job, it was dangerously seductive. His mother even liked Rosie and Robert despite being fully aware of their business.

The shower turned off and Rosie came out, makeup and perfume scrubbed away and damp curls piled high on her head. A grey FBI t-shirt fell to her thighs. Ian had forgotten it ages ago and Rosie had claimed it. It had been washed so many times the FBI logo was barely visible.

She crawled across the bed and gave Ian a deep kiss then gave another to her husband.

"How was work?" Ian asked as Rosie snuggled herself against him.

She rolled her eyes. "The power supply on the server died. Jenny was able to swap it out and we didn't lose too much data but we couldn't access the client list for about three hours."

Robert groaned. "We just need to replace the whole set up."

Ian suddenly perked up. "Hey, that reminds me, Charlie Eppes says hi."

Rosie and Robert exchanged looks. "Charlie Eppes? Doctor Charles Eppes, Charlie Eppes?" Rosie asked.


"How the hell do you know Charlie?" Rosie asked.

"His brother's Bureau. I was at Don's stag night a couple months back and Charlie dropped your names. I don't think he believed me when I said I knew you two."

Rosie gave her head a little shake. "Wow. We haven't seen Charlie in ages. Not since..." She looked at Robert. "It must have been after his mother died. He wasn't in great shape. How's he doing?"

Ian shrugged "Pretty good. Consulting for the Bureau a lot actually, we've worked a few cases together. Got a full time guy he's living with, Colby. Bought the family house. Published a couple of books. In therapy, medicated..."

"Whoa wait." Robert cut in. "This is Charlie we're talking about, right? Charlie Eppes?"

"Short, curls, nose, little crazy, numbers are everything."

"Yeah, that's Charlie. In therapy? I mean he needed it but..."

"Well I think that's Colby's doing."

"Good guy?" Rosie asked.

"General consensus is Charlie with Colby just might save the human race from itself, Charlie without Colby is headed to the funny farm."

Robert shrugged. "Better than nothing I guess. Next time you see him tell him to get his ass out here and bring his guy. The encryption software he built for us could use an upgrade."

Ian chuckled. "I'll mention it over dinner. Mom's dating his father."

"Really, and has she made it to the three month mark yet?" Rosie asked.

Ian cringed a little. He knew he'd spent too many years bitching to Rosie about his mother's dating life. "Actually she's been with Alan over a year now."

"Really?" Rosie sat up. "Is this it? Has she found the right one at long last?"

"I kinda hope so. Alan's a damn good cook."

"Always thinking with your stomach." Robert lightly chided.

"Like you're one to talk."

Rosie nuzzled at Ian's neck. "So at long last your mom's settled down, our favorite crazy mathematician is settled down, now what are we going to do with you?"

Ian laced his fingers into Rosie's thick curls. "You know I don't keep well in one place."

"Well maybe we can tempt you." Robert whispered into Ian's ear.

"You two always tempt me." Ian moaned out as Rosie ran little sucking kisses down his neck.

Rosie just chuckled softly as Robert began rubbing his thumbs along Ian's spine. He curved his back into the touch. Rosie abandoned Ian's neck and began to kiss him, heavy and deep while rubbing her hands along his chest. Ian knew this was one of the problems, they knew him too well, knew his body too well, they could keep him in a fog of lust for days and too make matters worse Ian knew under that lust they cared about him. Maybe it wasn't the blind, goofy, head over heels in love they all had when they were young and stupid but they still cared and Ian could never work out why.

Rosie broke away from the kiss and Robert leaned over to take her place. His tongue looped its way around Ian's mouth nearly making him dizzy.

When Robert finished Ian reached out and pulled Rosie's t-shirt up and over her head reviling naturally full, heavy breasts, a narrow waist and full rounded hips. Ian latched on to one breast while carefully massaging the other. Rosie's skin was clean and fresh and she gave a high soft moan. Ian followed her as she leaned back. Once on her back he switched his mouth to her other breast, tonguing at a hard nipple and letting a free hand trail down her body. He tried not to hesitate as his fingers brushed past a long thin scar along her belly and tried not to think of the ghost of a silent, dark haired girl pulled from that wound. Yet another reason Ian couldn't stay.

As Ian let his mouth trail lower he felt Robert's strong hands begin to rub at his lower back. Ian groaned against Rosie's belly as his muscles were worked almost to the point of pain.

"You're so tense, Ian." Robert's hot breath rolled along Ian's spine as he spoke. "How am I ever supposed to take you all tensed up?"

"I'm sure you'll work something out." Ian mumbled against Rosie's skin.

Robert began massaging Ian's thighs and Ian let himself melt between Rosie's legs where he took a deep breath and dipped his tongue in. There was always something mild and clean about her taste and Ian had spent literally hours of his life working his tongue across her hot, wet folds.

Ian felt Rosie's hands in his hair. "God, Ian, I missed your tongue." He pulled back for a breath of air then dove back in working Rosie's clit with his tongue while sliding a couple of fingers inside her. And even as he began working his finger's in Rosie he felt a well lubed finger slip inside of him.

"God, Ian, every time, you're so fucking tight. I swear it's like taking a virgin with you."

Ian just pushed back onto Robert's finger. He could feel Rosie begin to clench and flutter. He carefully took her clit between his teeth and sucked hard. She tightened around his fingers as her hips thrust up into his face. He could hear her groan soft and low. Screaming was for the clients. Ian keep sucking and working his fingers in her until she let out a long growl, her whole back arching. Ian pulled his face away and put gentle kisses along her thigh.

"She's so beautiful when she comes like that, Ian. You've always had the knack for it."

Ian chuckled and rolled back onto a couple more of Robert's fingers.

Rosie reached out for him and Ian was soon laying face to face with her, Robert spooned against his back. Ian closed his eyes for a second. It was always tempting to fall asleep like this, cocooned between two lovers.

Rosie arched a leg over his hip pulling Ian flush. He slid into her with no effort, she was sopping wet and relaxed.

"God," Ian moaned softly and tried to roll his hips.

"No, no," Rosie whispered. "Let us."

Ian remained still as Rosie moved against him and Robert's fingers finished stretching him, not that it would really be enough.

Ian tensed just a hair.

"Shhhhh," Robert whispered, stroking his fingers through Ian's hair. "Just relax. Let go for me. Just let go." Ian closed his eyes and tried to find a nothing mindless place. He felt Robert's literally porn star cock at his entrance. "Shhhhhhh." Ian took a breath and Robert pushed in.

There was pain. A low steady burn, but it began to fade as Rosie fluttered her muscles around His cock.

"God, Ian," Robert whispered once he was buried. "You feel so perfect. So tight and perfect."

Ian let out a breath as Rosie and Robert started moving in him and around him. The sensation of being penetrated and filled combined with the feeling of wet, tight, heat around him and mixed with the feeling of being touched and kissed all over. Ian closed his eyes needing to block out one sense as another was overloaded. His body began to go limp even as the pleasure grew. He tried to thrust but his body was held still and out of his control.

Robert's fingers eased into Ian's hair again. Ian's heart was pounding too loudly to hear what Robert whispered but Ian knew what was. 'Relax, let go, you are safe.'

Ian let go. His body spasmed and a cry came from his lips. Lights flickered behind his eyes and he felt his release driven from his body into Rosie's warmth.

Ian went comfortably limp as he felt Rosie and Robert finish taking their pleasure from his body. He was half asleep by the time warm hands were cleaning him and the blankets were pulled up.

He wrapped his arms around Rosie who tucked her head under his chin, while at the same time drifting away with Robert's arms around him.

Ian woke to a phone ringing. It took him a second to identify it as his phone. Rosie passed it to him from the nightstand.

"Hello?" he mumbled into it, not bothering to check the caller ID.

"Ian?" Martin answered. "Sorry, were you asleep?"

He sat up and squinted at the clock. It was after nine. "It's okay, had a late night, what's up?" he asked while trying to crawl out of bed. Robert reached out and yanked him back down.

"I just wanted you to know I found it." Martin had a sudden childlike glee in his voice.

"Found what?" Ian was still trying to get his brain going.

"The interrogation. The interrogation."

Ian perked up. "Really. It exists?"

"It exists as advertised."

"Did you watch it?" Ian asked while Rosie gave him a questioning look.

"Only the first couple minutes. I figured I'd save it until the next time you're in town."

Ian was sure he was grinning like an idiot. "I should be in sometime next week or so."

"Great. Give me a call when you're in town."

"You bet."

"I'll let you get back to sleep," Martin half whispered.

"Thanks, I'll call you later. Have a good day."

"You too."

Ian clicked off his phone. Rosie and Robert were both looking at him.

"And who might that be?" Rosie asked an odd little smirk on her face.

"Just Martin, Agent Sherwood."

"Really." Robert drew out the word. "And what did Martin Agent Sherwood want?"

Ian gave a wave. "Oh, just, there have been rumors for years about the world's funniest interrogation video with a couple of senile mob bosses. Martin thinks he's found it."

"And he just had to call you up to tell you?" Rosie asked.

Ian frowned. "He's just..."

"A friend?" Rosie finished.

"A guy I know."

"Who finds funny interrogation videos for you?" Robert asked.

Ian was starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable. "He's just a guy I met at Don's wedding."

"A couple of months ago."

"Yeah, He's just..." Ian stumbled. "He's no one," Ian finished quickly. Robert and Rosie both scowled in unison he way only people married for years can.

Robert gently took Ian's hands. "Ian, you know there's nothing I'd like more than to have you stay with us but I also know you have a million reasons not to. That doesn't mean we don't want you to be happy. If there's anyone else..."

"He's just a guy I met at Don's wedding. We had a long conversation and we're still sort of in the middle of it."

"Two months later."


Rosie pursed her lips. "Ian you heard his voice and your face lit up. Maybe he's just a guy now but don't dismiss other options or the chance to have someone of your own just 'cause we're here."

Ian closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Right now the two most important people in the world to me are in this bed and could probably use three more hours of sleep." Ian opened his eyes. "Okay?"

Rosie and Robert each gave him a gentle kiss. "Okay."

Charlie shifted his carry on bag and let Colby pull him in for a hug and a kiss. He'd developed a perverse pleasure in kissing Colby in the arrivals area of LAX because he was sure that there was always going to be one person watching who would be shocked and appalled. Plus kissing Colby felt like properly being home.

"How was the flight?" Colby asked once they'd done there bit to scandalize recent arrivals.

Charlie started heading towards the luggage carousels. "It was a flight. I had to sit next to a guy who was coming to LA to meet a girl he'd met online."

"Was he a complete idiot?" Colby asked.

"Possibly. I gave him the name of a couple of good restaurants."

Charlie leaned against Colby as they stood by the luggage carousel waiting for it to start up.

"How was the conference?" Colby asked as motors started up and the first bits of luggage started to tumble out.

Charlie shrugged. "It was okay. Pemberton bailed so I had no one to argue with. I might have a new minion though."

Colby looked down at him. "Since when do you need or desire minions?"

"Everyone needs minions." Colby snorted. "Met a kid with a squeaky new doctorate whose cousin is a cop in Philadelphia. He had a little luck using geographic profiling on a series of home invasions cases."

"I wouldn't think geographic profiling would be the best thing for home invasions. I mean home invasions are usually in high socio economic areas and the perpetrators will go pretty far out of their way to get to them. I mean really for those your best bet is to look for target selection patters."

Charlie grinned up at Colby. "You are so sexy when you talk nerd to me." Colby grinned back and gave Charlie a little peck. "Anyway, I talked to this kid for a few hours and he's interested in maybe getting a junior position at CalSci while doing a second course of study in crime fighting math at the feet of the master."

"You should try to get CalSci to make it an official thing. I mean anyone who is going to willfully subject themselves to bloody crime scenes, 3 A.M. call outs, and Don before coffee should get some kind of certificate out of it or something."

Charlie made a quick grab for his luggage as it started to roll past. "I've been doing all that for years and I never got a certificate."

"Yeah, but that's 'cause you've been making it up as you go along."


"Is that all your luggage?" Colby asked.


The two of them had barely made it ten feet when Charlie's phone started to play Ruby Tuesday. He quickly pulled it out and accepted a video message from Anne. On the little screen of his phone he watched Mattie rock back and fourth on his hands and knees for a minute before shifting one hand forward then a leg then another hand and once that pattern was set he crawled across the carpet into his Dad's waiting arms.

Charlie set the message to replay then handed the phone to Colby. A grin split Colby's face. "Don's going to be impossible tomorrow." The joke around the office was that Don had found a form of torture not illegal under any known treaty; slow death by one thousand baby pictures.

Charlie took his phone back and quickly dialed the loft. Don answered on the first ring. "Hello?"

"Hey it's me."

"Hey buddy, you home?"

Charlie and Colby stepped out into the warm LA evening. "Just picked up my luggage. Got the newest home video."

"Looking good, ain't he?"

Charlie could just hear the proud grin on Don's face and felt a second hand pride in his nephew and happiness for his brother. "Yep. Why don't you bring Mattie by tomorrow? He can crawl around on grass and eat his first bug."

"Sounds good. Welcome home."

"Thanks, and congratulations."

Don put down the phone and watched as Mattie crawled around the living room. He had a startled look on his face like he wasn't quite sure how he was doing what he was doing and was constantly surprised to find himself somewhere else. Every time he got somewhere new he would crawl around in a circle for a moment then roll over onto his back to get a look at things from a different angle. Finally he found a spot under the coffee table, flopped down and went to sleep.

Anne took a picture then took Don's hand. "See, nothing to worry about. Soon he'll be walking, then talking, then telling us we're lame and don't understand anything and trying to sneak girls into his room."

Don gave a snort. "You've been talking to my dad haven't you?"

"Oh you know it."

Don had to admit there was a small amount of panic as he thought back on all the stuff he'd gotten up to, especially as a teenager. He'd always been able to brag to other guys about losing his virginity at age fourteen to Charlie's sixteen year old babysitter. Now as a parent some part of him was thinking there might be validity in the whole waiting until marriage argument. Then there were all the fights he picked, the occasional test he'd cheated on, steeling beer from his parents to impress the other guys. Don groaned a little.

Anne gave him a little poke in the side. "Hey, watcha thinking?"

"I'm just thinking about all the shit I did as a teenager that I never got caught doing but I'd absolutely freak out about if I ever caught Mattie doing it."

"He just figured out how to crawl, hun."

"It's never too early to work up a good panic. First it's crawling then it'll be sex, drugs and rock 'n roll."

Anne reached under the coffee table and carefully extracted their sleeping son. "Well, at least he will have come by it honestly."
Charlie set his luggage on the floor of his parent's bedroom and looked around. His bed was there, the head at the opposite wall from where his parent's had been. There was his small desk/dressing table, night stands, large chest of drawers, full length mirror, his and Colby's toy box, all in his parent's room.

"What are you thinking?" Colby asked.

Charlie looked around. "It's my parent's room."

"No it's not. It's our room. It is the master bedroom and we are the masters of this house."

Charlie looked out the window, the koi pond wasn't there. He missed the koi already.

Colby took him carefully by the shoulders and turned him around. "Go look in the closet," he whispered.

Charlie looked over at the closet. The craftsmen, being over a hundred years old, only had closets in the master bedroom and in the hall for linens. He opened the large closet door. Inside were his suits, all his suits, all neatly arranged by weight, style and color. Next to his suits were Colby's suits, all neatly lined up with his shoes beneath them. His and Colby's suits were all hanging in the same closet.

He looked at Colby and Colby kissed him. "Now tell me this isn't our bedroom."

Charlie just grinned and kissed Colby and didn't stop until they had both flopped fully clothed onto the bed.

"You wouldn't believe some of the offers I got at the conference," Charlie mumbled as he kissed his way down Colby's neck.


"I don't know all the rumors that have been going around about me but apparently none of them include the fact that I have a heavily armed, possessive, incredibly gorgeous, FBI agent waiting for me at home."

Colby quickly rolled himself over so Charlie was pinned to the bed. "Possessive am I?"

Charlie grinned and rolled his body against Colby's "I never said that was a bad thing."

Colby swooped down and nipped at Charlie's neck. "Maybe I should go to a couple of these conferences with you. Walk around with my hand on your ass and glare at anyone who asks you a question not about math."

"Considering the current set of rumors that might not be a deterrent to some. Seriously if I did half the things people are saying I've done I wouldn't have time to sleep let alone get any math done. I mean even at my absolute worst I wasn't that big of a slut. Maybe Don was but..."

Colby cracked up then kissed Charlie again and kept kissing him. He closed his eyes and let himself just melt into Colby's strength and warmth. His hotel bed had been cold and lonely and he hadn't slept much. It was hard to sleep without Colby beside him anymore. Instead he had just stayed up and filled pads of paper with random bits of theoretical math.

But now he didn't want numbers. He just wanted Colby, on him, around him, in him. It was moments like these where Charlie had a strange theory that Colby might just be able to somehow read his mind. He pulled away and began stripping off his clothes. Charlie followed, disrobing as quickly as possible. Once Charlie was naked Colby pounced and he found himself pinned again, Colby's hot, smooth skin rubbing along his body.

"Missed you." Colby breathed into his ear. "Love you."

Charlie just moaned at the words as if they were a touch running across his body stripping him free of the tight control the conference had forced upon him. All the things he had wanted, booze, drugs, random sex, they were nothing, just faint shadows of desire compared to his desire for Colby.

"Take me, please," Charlie gasped out rolling his body against Colby's. There would be time for slow, careful love making later but for now all Charlie wanted was to feel Colby claiming him as his.

Colby kissed him hard and he spread his legs while letting Colby invade his mouth with firm thrusts of his tongue.

Charlie grabbed the lube that had been waiting on the nightstand and slid it into Colby's hand. Colby slicked himself up and still kissing pushed himself into Charlie.

Charlie cried out against the pain that made his world sparkle around the edges and his cock throb with his racing pulse. Then he wrapped his legs around Colby's waist in order to take him that much deeper.

Colby groaned and rocked his hips. His thrusts were short but hard and deep like he was trying to crawl right inside Charlie. Charlie closed his eyes and wished for that, wished for Colby inside his heart, inside his head, somehow.

Colby kept kissing and kept thrusting. Charlie found he could barely breathe as Colby enveloped him. The world greyed around the edges then flashed white and Charlie came between them with a scream. Colby pulled almost out then slammed back in with a growl. Charlie caught his breath as he felt Colby's warmth flood him and fill him and for a moment take the edge off his desires.

Ian heard the outer door of Martin's apartment building buzz open. Ten stories, it wasn't in a particularly interesting part of town, not a bad part, not a good part, just a part where people got up in the morning, went to work, then came back to their little apartments and watched TV.

Ian took the elevator up to the tenth floor. The building wasn't fancy enough to pipe in music but not shabby enough to have tagging in the elevator. Ian fiddled with the cuffs on his shirt. He wasn't sure why, but Robert and Rosie's words had been in his head when he'd gotten dressed. It wasn't like it was a date or anything. It was a Saturday afternoon. People don't have dates in apartments on Saturday afternoons. At least not first dates. Still, Ian had found himself pulling on his black button up shirt and had even tried to shake out the wrinkles.

Stupid, Ian had told himself. Martin was just a guy. Okay, an interesting and very intelligent guy, but still just a guy that just didn't know when to drop an argument which was why they were two months into a slightly drunken discussion on national policy and Gilbert and Sullivan.

Martin probably had someone anyways. Okay he hadn't mentioned anyone but if NSA offices were anything like FBI offices then that tightly controlled slim form in black suits probably had someone hot and bothered.

He knocked on the door of 1001. For a half second he wondered what that was in binary then decided that he'd probably been hanging out with Charlie and Larry way too much.

Martin opened the door. He was in black suit pants and a white work shirt but his feet were bare and he looked relaxed.

"You made it. Come on in," Martin said as he stepped aside for Ian to enter. Ian entered a hallway that was plain off white. There was a door off to the side, presumably the bedroom and at the end of the hall was a living room and kitchen. A very tidy, plain, living room and kitchen. Ian looked around casually. There were no photos or pictures on the walls or shelves. No TV. No knickknacks, not even a snow globe. The furniture was painfully generic and the portion of the kitchen Ian could see was spotless. There wasn't dust on anything but it was still hard to believe that anyone lived there.

The only thing's that told Ian that this possibly wasn't some sort of NSA safe house was a large bookshelf along one wall filled with books. The books were neatly ordered but many were paperbacks and several looked quite old. Ian read as many titles as he could from across the room. He didn't recognize most of the titles and some were in cerilic writing but a few of the authors rang bells. Bradbury, Heinlein, Asimov, Phillip K. Dick.

So Agent Sherwood was a science fiction fan, at least in literary form.

"Nice apartment," Ian said since he was pretty sure that was the kind of thing he was supposed to say.

"Thank you," Martin replied automatically then looked around at his own apartment for a second. Obviously neither of them were good with socially mandated small talk.

"So, you have the interview?" Ian asked skipping the small talk for probably both their sakes.

Martin suddenly beamed. "Yes." He flipped open a lap top that was on a small breakfast table that had two chairs. "Found the evidence number of a tape in some old files and I thought it might be it. Got a guy in the Newark office to dig it out of evidence and digitize it off VHS."

"What did you tell him it was for?"

"Homeland Security investigation."

Ian snorted as he moved a chair and sat down next to Martin. It was amazing how stupid and flimsy internal requests could be and still get through. That's why spies in the DoJ were so damn dangerous. They were like wasps in a bee hive. Once they got past the guards at the front they could just run amok.

"The sound quality is a little poor," Martin said as he opened a file and turned up the speakers. "But I think this will be worth the trip."

Ian leaned forward and watched as two FBI agents in 1980's suits paced around an interrogation room. After a minute two old men were wheeled in in wheelchairs. After that the interrogation began.

'Where's Little Johnny? Tell us about Little Johnny? Little Johnny's gonna open the books again, when's the ceremony?'

Ian couldn't help but crack up. The agents were desperate, incompetent or booth and the old men actually seemed like they wanted to cooperate except they were both obviously senile and couldn't agree on any information they might have once known and often started bickering between each other.

'Can you tell us were Little Johnny is?'
'Who's Little Johnny? '
'Gina's boy.'
'Tony's Gina?'
'No Big Johnny's Gina.'

Ian held his sides.

'They put the knife on the book.'
'I thought it was a gun, we always used a gun.'
'Maybe it was gun I don't remember.'
'Maybe it was a knife and a gun.'

"How much of this is there?" Ian choked out between laughs.

"Almost an hour," Martin said his face flushed red from laughing.

"Do they find Little Johnny?"

"I don't know."

One of the Agents slapped the table. 'Give us the location of Little Johnny. We know you know.'

Ian leaned in close as the interrogation continued. "Oh god I know him." He pointed to the agent with the larger lapels.


"He's an SOB bureaucrat paper pusher just waiting for his pension."

The not yet SOB paper pusher on the screen looked like he wanted to shoot someone, possibly himself.

'I remember when Little Johnny was a boy, he had that dog, remember that dog?'
'That wasn't Little Johnny's dog.'
'It wasn't?'
'No, it was Big Rickie's dog.'
Are you sure?'

The interrogation continued that way for almost an hour. Finally one of the old mobsters fell asleep mid-sentence and the other launched into a long rambling story about a girl he once saw on the boardwalk in a yellow dress. The agents gave up and the video abruptly cut off.

Ian turned to Martin. "I don't know who to feel sorrier for the agents or the mobsters."

"Not one of the FBIs finest moments," Martin stated between residual giggles.

"You're telling me." Martin started shutting down the computer. "Hey, can I use your toilet?"

"Sure, door on the left then right."


Ian got up and headed back down the hall then opened the door to Martin's bedroom. It was as spartan as the rest of the apartment, the single sized bed looked to be made with military precision, and the room had about as much soul as any one of a million motel rooms Ian had stayed in. There was a thin novel sitting on the bed side table. 'Tea from an Empty Cup.'

Ian did need to use the bathroom and turned right and opened the door and was nearly blinded. The bathroom was spotless. Absolutely gleaming. The grouting was white. There were no hard water marks or soap scum. There were no drips on the bottles of generic shampoo and conditioner and the tube of toothpaste on the sink was rolled up neatly from the bottom with a little clip to keep it there. It looked like a bathroom from a bathroom cleaning product commercial. This bathroom was the after shot after the magic product had ridded you of mildew, hard water, soap scum, and dandruff. Ian was tempted to just hold it in all of a sudden rather than risk getting a single inch of the bathroom dirty.

In the end Ian did need to go. He lifted the lid on the toilet, (and what kind of bachelor leaves the lid down), and very, very carefully did his business. He washed his hands and felt that he should wipe up the little drops of water but didn't want to disturb the neatly folded hand towels. Finally Ian shook his head, wiped his hands dry on his jeans and escaped before the bathroom gave him neurosis.

Ian must have had a look on his face when he got back to the living room.

"It's not OCD," Martin said quickly.

"I didn't say anything."

"I just clean when I get bored."

Ian shrugged. "Hey, whatever works." There was suddenly slightly awkward silence made somehow worse by the fact that they had been communicating almost non stop via phone and email for almost two months without a problem. "So. Um... have you got any other plans for your Saturday?"

Martin shook his head. "Not really. Mainly just wait for a national emergency or for one of my charges to try to commit suicide." Ian raised an eyebrow. "Happens more often than you think."

"Well, baring those two things I was thinking about checking out that new Robert Downey, Jr flick, if you're interested?"

Ian tried to read the quick flick of emotions across Martin's face but they were too quick and his face settled into a pleasant smile. "Sure, let me put on some shoes."

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pairatime: Pup and Trainerpairatime on October 9th, 2014 03:07 am (UTC)
I'm loving this so much already, Ian and Martin are a good pair, friends, lovers or more, they're just good.
And I always love Colby, and airports.
ladygray99ladygray99 on October 10th, 2014 01:48 am (UTC)
I never inteded to pair Martin up with anyone, let alone Ian, but it's an example of characters taking on a life of their own.
pairatimepairatime on October 10th, 2014 02:07 am (UTC)
I love it when characters do that. it makes them far more real. and I look forward to seeing where this goes.
fredbassettfredbassett on October 9th, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
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I loved the description of the spotless bathroom.
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