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Numb3rs100 Drabbles by Prompt 201-400

numb3rs100 Drabbles By Prompt Number 201 - 400

201 Scrabble
U's and Other Annoyances (Charlie/Ian)
One Step Up (Ian, Charlie)
202 Chess
Things Ian Doesn't Know (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
203 Poker Federal Agents Playing Poker (Ian, Team) 204 Darts
Seen and Felt (Charlie/Ian, Larry)
205 Video
Crime, Cash and 8mm (Charlie/Ian)
206 Draw
Love Tokens (Charlie/Ian)
207 Paint Precision or Lack there of (Charlie/Ian) 208 Photograph
Algorithms and Love Songs
(Charlie/Ian, Don)
209 Write
Artistic Honesty (Charlie/Ian)
210 Trap
Good Men (Ian)
211 Crossfire
Religion, Politics and Sex (Ian, OC)
212 Explosion
Plato's Ideal (Charlie/Ian)
Waiting (Charlie, Doctor 11, Amy)
213 Overpower
Two, Twelve, Nine, Six and Four (Ian, Team)
Drive Him Down (Charlie/Colby)
214 Engagement
A Simple Question (Charlie,Ian)
Delayed Reaction (Don/Larry, Charlie)
215 Ceremony
Old Words (Charlie/Ian)
Message in the Sand (Don/Larry)
Ceremonial Cleansing (Don/Larry)
216 Reception
Be Happy (Don/Larry)
Popping By At Work To Say Hello (Charlie, OC)
217 Honeymoon
NGC 1435 (Don/Larry)
A Work of Pure Art (Ian)
The Doctor Always Wins (Charlie/Amita, Amy/Rory, Doctor 11, TARDIS)
218 Husband
Simple Peace (Don/Larry)
Wedding Presents (Charlie/Ian)
219 Sea
Pacific, Atlantic (Charlie/Ian)
Skimming the Edge (Colby)
220 Sand
Sandy Steps (Charlie/Ian)
221 Sky
Thoughts From Above (Charlie)
Make A Wish (Don/Billy)
222 Sun
Sunset Plans (Charlie/Ian)
223 Stand
Stepping Out (Charlie/Ian)
Bath Time (Don/Larry)
224 Walk
The Importance of Paper and Funny Hats (Charlie/Ian)
Raising Water (Don/Larry)
225 Run
Motivational Speaking (Ian, OC)
An Ancient Sound (Charlie)
226 Jump
Jump Shots (Ian, Don, OCs)
227 Stop
A Word Not Said (Charlie/Ian)
228 Hurt
Missteps and Lies (Alan, Bradford)
Not Ideal Timing (Charlie, Don/OFC)
229 Break
Breaking and Re-breaking (Charlie/Ian)
230 Crutch
Hunter, Hunted (Charlie/Ian)
231 Heal
First Aid (Charlie, Bradford)
French and Math (Don, Charlie)
232 Lick
Preparing to Fire (Charlie/Ian)
233 Bite
Idle Fantasy (Charlie/Ian)
Claiming A Mate (Charlie/Colby)
234 Chew
Tortillas, Tomatoes, Honey and Jam (Don/Larry)
235 Swallow
A Little Lie (Charlie)
Tea in the Morning (Charlie/Liz)
236 Current
Duty Ready (Don/David)
237 Charge 238 Spark
A Familiar Spark (David/Amita)
Once a Day (Charlie, Colby)
239 Short 240 Shock
Bedtime Stories(Don/Larry)
241 Plane
Pteromerhanophobia (Charlie/Ian)
242 Train
Rubble (Charlie/David)
243 Boat 244 Motorcycle
245 Son
A Little Favor (Charlie, Doctor 11, OMC)
Dance of Youth (Amita/Colby)
246 Boyfriend
Social Events (Charlie/Billy)
Marking the Date (Colby/OMC, Nikki)
247 Fiance
Bad Timing (Don/Billy)
248 Uncle
Tradition (Charlie)
249 Shout 250 Scream
Melted Fire (Charlie/Colby)
Taking It (Charlie/Colby/David/Ian)
251 Speak
A Brother (Charlie, Don/Larry)
A Statement (Charlie, Gary Walker)
252 Stutter
253 Shred
The Meaning of Things (Charlie/Matt Li)
254 Rip
A Photo Start (Charlie/Matt Li)
255 Punch 256 Crumple
Old Friends (David/Amita)
257 Roll 258 Compulsion 259 Trigger
Screams (Colby)
Just the Right Idea (Charlie/Ian)
Wages of Sin (Ian, Charlie)
260 Signature
261 Pattern
Patterns and Raindrops (David)
262 Foreign
Scared (David/Charlie)
263 Tongue
Filled (Charlie/Colby/David/Ian)
Like a Pro (Charlie/Colby)
264 Accent
265 Interpret
Silent Chaos (Liz, Don)
266 Fluent 267 Scrub
What Girls Smell Like (Colby/Amita)
268 Sweep
House Plants and Squash Plants (Don/Larry)
269 Soak
Bath Time (Charlie/Ian)
Pounding (Charlie/Ian)
270 Shine 271 Mess
Beautiful Place (Charlie/Billy)
272 Crook
273 Naughty
Reckless Brats (Charlie/Ian)
274 Cheat 275 Blush
Brotherly Advice (Don, Charlie/OFC, Alan)
Yes, Sir (Don/Colby)
Toast and Jam (Charlie/Liz)
276 Pout
277 Blank
Breathe (Larry)
278 Grim
Not Good (Colby, Amita)
279 Sour
Body Shot (Colby/Amita)
280 Wink
281 Prowl 282 Tease
Worth the Wait (Charlie/Liz)
283 Charm 284 Debt
285 Check 286 Change
Cold Desert Nights (Don/Larry)
A Proposal (Nikki, Alan)
In His Corner (Robin, Charlie)
287 Save
Save the Anger (# 287 Save) PG (Charlie/Billy, Don)
288 Dark
A Hundred Billion Stars (Don/Larry)
289 Bed
Waking Up (Don/Larry)
Not Alone (Charlie/Liz)
290 Sleep
Colby's Angel (Charlie/Colby)
Wake Up (Charlie/Colby)
Drifting (Charlie/Liz)
291 Dream
Dreamscapes (Charlie)
292 Insomnia
Little Worries (Don/Larry)
Where Fault Sits (Colby, Charlie)
When Numbers Get Serious (Don, Charlie)
293 Baby
Pet Names (Charlie/David)
294 Kid
Goodnight Kiss (David/Amita)
295 Minor 296 Heir
297 Star
Star Pupil (Don/Larry)
Realities of the Heavens (Megan/Larry)
Find It (Team)
298 Moon
Home (Don/Larry)
299 World
Worlds of Dreams (Don)
300 Orbit
Discovering the Orbit of Margaret (Don)
Easy Ideas (Don, Charlie)

301 Atmosphere
Contented Silence (Don/Larry)
302 Add
Two and One (Charlie/Colby/Ian)
303 Subtract 304 Multiply
Wednesday Morning (Don, Charlie)
305 Divide 306 North
Hawks and Handsaws (Charlie, Don)
“Never to be Caught” (Ian)
307 South
“There's No Time for you to Waste” (Ian)
308 East
“Old Before My Time” (Ian)
309 West
Long Time Comin' (Ian, Charlie)
“Wash My Feet in Many Seas” (Ian)
310 Protect
And Protect (Charlie/Colby, Alan)
On the Move (Colby, Don, Charlie)
311 Serve
Petting (Charlie/Colby)
312 Badge
Don Eppes, Teaching Assistant (Don)
313 Duty 314 Touch
Limbo (Charlie/Colby)
Nights Past and Present (Charlie/David, Don)
315 Sense
Break Free (Charlie/Colby)
Sense Memories (Charlie/Colby)
316 Stroke
Heat Up, Cool Down (Charlie/Colby)
Understanding (Charlie/Billy, Don)
317 Rough 318 Release
Looking for Release (Charlie/David/Liz)
Gone By Morning (Charlie/Liz)
Final Cravings (Charlie/Robin)
319 Mountain 320 Forest
321 Desert
Desert Air (Don)
322 Island 323 Red
Stained (Charlie)
324 Yellow
Yellow for Friendship (and Apology) (Amita/Colby, post-Amita/Charlie)
The Count (Nikki, Alan)
325 Green
Blood Poisoning (Charlie/(Amita), Colby)
326 Blue 327 Blind 328 Deaf
329 Chair 330 Paralyze
Dreams and Realities (Charlie/David)
331 Mute 332 Dog
333 Cat 334 Bird 335 Snake 336 Premier
337 Episode 338 Season 339 Series 340 Finale
341 Smooth 342 Silk
Foreplay (Charlie/Colby)
343 Coarse 344 Grit
345 Spouse 346 Sibling 347 Grandparent 348 Cousin
349 Bound
A First Look (Don, Charlie)
Professional Help (Charlie/Robin)
350 Gag
Last Surrender (Charlie/Robin)
351 Restraint
Home Made Toys(Colby/Remy LeBeau)
Over the Edge (Charlie/Robin)
Stretch (Charlie/Robin)
Frustration and Desperation (Colby/Ian)
352 Whip
Feeling It (Charlie/Robin)
Random and Hazy (Charlie/Robin)
353 Spank
Cleaned With Flame (Charlie/Robin)
354 Ghost
Proof of Life (Charlie/David)
355 Shadow 356 Creep
357 Scare 358 King 359 Queen 360 Prince
361 Duke 362 Hunger 363 Thirst 364 Shelter
365 Rest
A Part Time Doctor (Charlie, Clara, Twelve)
366 Contract 367 Trace 368 Fiber
369 Print 370 Track 371 Need
No (Charlie, Twelve)
372 Want
Wanting Together (Charlie/Amita/Colby)
373 Take 374 Have 375 Cake
Uncomfortable Tuxes and Cake (Billy/Charlie)
376 Cookie
377 Candy 378 Cream 379 Chocolate 380 Hat
381 Watch 382 Tease
Playing Her (Charlie/Robin)
383 Belt 384 Associate
385 Bachelor 386 Master 387 Doctor 388 Vice
Not Tonight (Charlie/Robin)
389 First
Namesakes (Charlie, Colby)
390 Chief 391 Cabinet 392 Term
393 Apple 394 Peach 395 Cherry 396 Date
Planning and Preparation (Charlie/David)
397 Hero 398 Curse
Only One Thing To Say (Team)
399 Wolf 400 Spell

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