ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

A Piece of You (#140 Generations)

Title: A Piece of You (#140 Generations)
Author: ladygray99

Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie

Rating: FRC

Summary: Don makes a reasonable request.

Word Count: 100

Spoilers: None

Notes/Warnings:  Remember feedback is love and all you need is love.

Disclaimer: Still not owned by me but I hope to pick them up cheep one day.



A Piece of You


“Don, listen you yourself.  You want me to get your wife pregnant.”

 “I’m not saying sleep with her.  It would all be done by a doctor.”

 “She’s your wife, and why? Why would you want the responsibility of raising another generation of me?”

 “Why would I not? I never want to lose you Charlie. I want to know that every generation there’s a piece of you in the world.”

 “There’s no guarantee the kid would be a genius.”

 “You are not your genius, Charlie.  Even if you were average humanity is better off with a bit of you in it."

Tags: 100's, character: charlie eppes, character: don eppes, fandom: numb3rs, rating: g
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