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Numb3rs100 Drabbles by Prompt 1-200

numb3rs100 Drabbles By Prompt Number 1 - 200

001 Conversation
Why? (Charlie/(Colby), Don)
Everything You Need to Know (Ian, OC)
Questions and Wants (Charlie/Colby)
002 Starting Over
Come Home (Charlie, Don)
What was the Question? (Charlie, Don, Alan)
Living with What You Are (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
Trying (Charlie, Alan)
Missed You (Charlie, Doctor 11)
003 Humanity
I'm Not (Charlie)
Oh, Humanity (Charlie, Don)
No Longer Unquestioning (Charlie/Colby)
004 Learning
New Skills (Charlie, Ian)
Getting Better (Charlie/Ian)
005 Fantasy
Fantasy in Ink (Charlie/David)
Some Days It Becomes Real (Charlie/Ian)
Dreams, Hopes and Fantasies (Charlie/Ian)
Changing Dreams (Charlie/Colby)
006 Third Person
On Finding a Third (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
The Three Faces of Ian Edgerton (Charlie/Ian)
007 Science and/or Art
Black on Black (Charlie/David)
Clinical Observation and/or Voyeurism (Charlie/Ian, Bradford)
008 Deviation
Shifting Timelines (Charlie/Ian, Don, Alan)
009 Future
Dance With Me (Charlie/Ian)
The Sons of Lost Boys (Charlie, Doctor 11, OMC)
010 Travel
Finding Your Last Surprises (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
On the Road (Charlie/Ian)
011 Possibility/Probability
Could of Been, Should of Been? (Ian)
012 Margaritas / Cinco de Mayo
The Afghani General, the Interrogator and the Chickens (Charlie/Ian, OC)
013 Luck
Eppes Luck (Alan, Don, Charlie)
Very Lucky (Charlie/Ian, Larry)
014 Time
A Note and a Bowl of Fruit (Ian, David, OC)
Lifetime of Us (Charlie/David)
The Sound of Nothing (Charlie/Robin)
Racing the Clock (Charlie/Colby)
015 Home
A Home Built on Chalk (Charlie)
Little Boxes (Charlie/Ian)
Truth and Lies (Charlie, Ian, Colby)
House or Home (Charlie, Don, Alan, Colby)
016 Moderation
Over Rated (Charlie/Ian, Don)
017 In Another World
Floating (Charlie/Ian)
018 Tense
Fathers and Sons (Charlie/Ian, Don)
019 Color
The Memory of Color (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
Jonah and the Great Fish (Ian, Don, OC)
020 Surface
Shallow Turns (Larry, Ian, OCs)
021 Survival
Pure Instinct (Charlie)
Just Like Me (Alan, Don)
Being a Survivor (Charlie/Ian)
022 Dimensions
Fourth Dimensionally (Charlie/Ian, Larry)
023 Connection
A Completed Circuit (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Perfect Angel (Charlie/Ian, Robin, OC)
024 Division
A Life Divided (Charlie, Don)
025 Lessons
Things to Unlearn (Charlie/Ian)
026 Fish
Conservation of Movement in a Low Friction Environment (Charlie/Ian)
Bits of String (Charlie/Colby)
027 Room Key
Resolve (Charlie/Ian)
028 Chemistry
Chem 101 (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
In His Head (Charlie)
Molecular Bonds (Ian, Larry)
029 Encounter
Random Encounters (Charlie/Ian)
Favors for Favors, Secrets for Secrets (Colby/Che Lobo)
Moments In Between (Ian Edgerton/Dean Winchester)
030 Secret
A Way of Coming Out (Charlie/David)
On His Terms (Charlie/Ian, Don, Alan)
Dance Closer (Charlie, Liz)
031 Mix-up
Whipping Boys (Charlie/Ian)
Introduction and Explanations (Charlie/Ian)
032 Metamorphosis
Change in its own Time (Charlie/Ian)
Do the Job, Take the Shot (Charlie/Ian)
033 Uncertainty
Thing Desired and Deserved (Charlie/Ian)
034 Incomplete
Balance (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Getting There (Charlie/Ian)
035 Treasure
Treasure (Amita/Nikki)
You Do Not Understand (Charlie/Ian)
036 Relinquish
Just Let Go (Charlie/Ian)
It's All Over (Charlie, Don)
And Our Secrets Tear Us Asunder (Charlie/Colby)
037 Resistance
Resistance Training (Charlie/Ian)
Shades of Grey (Charlie/Colby)
038 Discovery
A Messed up Expression (Charlie/David)
Opening Up to Time Wasted (Charlie/Ian)
The Same Page (Charlie/Ian)
039 Classic
Naughty Boy (Charlie/Ian)
040 Loss
Losing when you Always Win (Charlie, Don)
A Shot Not Taken (Charlie/Ian, David, Colby)
Bad Timing (Charlie/Amita, Colby)
041 Spring
It Was In Spring (Charlie/Ian, Bradford)
042 Words
Words Carefully Chosen (Charlie/Ian)
Words to Live By (Charlie/Ian)
043 Manipulation
Kick a Dog Enough (Ian, Bradford)
Actions (Charlie, Ian)
044 Taste
Taste (Amita/Nikki)
A Taste (Charlie/Ian)
One Task (Charlie/Colby)
045 Nature
Nature Boy (Charlie/Ian)
Fun in the Sun (Charlie/Ian)
046 Fold
Bluffing (Charlie/Ian, OC)
047 Data
Well Trained Nosy Bastards (Team)
048 Pill
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (Charlie, Don)
Back on His Feet (Charlie/Ian)
049 Square
Sisters and Squares (Charlie, OC)
Lemon Squares (Charlie/Billy)
050 Gold
A Golden Boy (Charlie/Ian)
051 Shift
Paradigms and Heart Beats (Charlie/Ian, Colby)
052 Own
Being His (Ian, Alan)
Twisting In and Out Again (Charlie/Colby, Megan)
053 Support
Lives Support (Charlie, Colby, David)
103.9 and Holding (Charlie/Ian, Don)
Shades of Grey (Charlie/Colby)
054 Mother
A Mother's Advice (Charlie/Ian, Margaret)
Damned Lies (Charlie)
The Big Guns (Charlie, Colby, OFC)
Children, Grandchildren and Jesus on the Cross (Billy)
055 Birthday
Something Special (Charlie/Ian)
056 Graduation
Hands of the Mathematician (Charlie/Ian, Don)
057 Formal Wear
Three Circles (Charlie/Ian)
A New Mission (Charlie/Colby)
058 Sidekick
Batman and Robin and Alfred (Charlie/Ian, Don, OC)
059 Father
Taking What Comes (Colby)
A Simple Invitation (Charlie, Alan)
Rules (Charlie, Doctor 11, OMC)
060 Adversary
The Other Team (Charlie/Ian)
061 Object of Affection
Whistling (Charlie/Ian)
First Loves (Charlie/Amita, Charlie/TARDIS, Doctor 11)
062 Steam
Perspectives on Fluid Dynamics (Charlie/Ian)
Losing Control (Charlie/Ian)
063 Sweat
The Things You Can Not Control (Charlie/Ian)
064 Smoke
Mass, Air, Pollution (Ian, OC)
Rising Sparks (Charlie/David)
065 Burn
Teaching by Example (Charlie/Ian)
And Our Secrets Tear Us Asunder (Charlie/Colby)
066 Melt
Melting into One (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Wedded Touch (Charlie/Ian)
Thunder Road (Ian, Charlie)
067 Reservations
Plans Made and Broken (Charlie/Ian)
068 Trip
Back on the Road (Charlie/Ian)
069 Camera
Look and See (Charlie/Ian)
070 Sightseeing
Dark Blue and Yellow Stars (Alan, Don)
A Three Hour Tour (Charlie/Amita, Doctor, TARDIS)
071 Rifle
In His Hands (Ian)
072 Holster
Quick Draw (Ian, OC)
073 Bullet
A Sound He Knows (Charlie, Don)
Not My Shot (Charlie/Ian)
He Wondered (Alan)
Letters Home (Ian, OC)
074 Shot
Taken (Ian)
075 Daughter
A Girl (Ian, OC)
076 Girlfriend
Perfection Lost (Charlie/Ian)
Long Term, Short Term (Charlie, Amita)
077 Wife
Simple Instructions (Alan, Margaret)
The Doctor (Charlie/Amita, Doctor 11)
Tea and Bagels (Clara, Charlie, Amita)
078 Sister
Sisterhood Sweets (Charlie/Ian, Don, Robin)
One Last Thing (Billy)
079 Parent
Time out (Charlie/Ian, Don)
080 Candy
Candy (Amita/Nikki)
Holiday Sweets (Charlie/Ian)
081 Turkey
Thanksgiving (Charlie/Ian)
082 Feast
Noodles and Eggs (Charlie/Ian)
Pastrami Paranoia (Ian, Alan)
083 Pie
Kitchen Skills (Charlie/Ian)
084 Stockings
Stockings (Amita/Nikki)
A Gift of Things Lost (Charlie/Ian)
In Trouble (Charlie/Robin)
085 Candles
Candles, Warm and Bright (Charlie/Ian)
What you Signed Up For (Don/Ian)
A Saint for Who? (Liz/Nikki)
Sometimes it is Better to Curse the Darkness (Don, Coop)
Hearts and Bones (Charlie/Liz)
086 Gift
More Than Asked For (Charlie/Ian)
A Calender of 1448 (Charlie/Ian)
087 Mistletoe
Look up (Charlie/Ian)
088 Toast
Best Advice (Ian)
089 Midnight
Be Ready (Charlie/Ian, Don)
090 Countdown
Time Left (Charlie/Ian, David)
091 Champagne
Rose Petals and Champaign (Charlie/Ian)
092 Hangover
Of Hemlock and Livers (Charlie/Ian)
Post TARDIS Stress Disorder (Charlie/Amita, Amy/Rory, Doctor 11)
093 Kiss
Just A Kiss (Charlie/Ian, Amita)
The Third Time (Charlie/Larry)
094 Chocolate
Expressions (Charlie/Ian)
095 Flowers
Watching (Charlie/Ian. OC)
096 Heart
Beating for Two (Charlie/Ian)
097 Accident
Accident Prone (Charlie/David)
A Question of Regrets (Charlie, Bradford)
098 Hospital
Hide and Smell (Charlie/David)
True Love (Charlie/Ian)
Questions and Answers (Don, Charlie)
Plan A (Charlie/(Amita), Colby)
099 Fight
Dealing (Charlie/David)
Bruise (Charlie, Don)
Long Time Coming (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
100 Tears
The Sum of our Tears (Charlie/Ian)
No Shame (Charlie/Ian)
Controlled Release (Charlie/Colby)

101 Interrogation
Interrogation Techniques 101 (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Getting to Know You (Ian, OC)
The Hard Questions (Charlie, Doctor 11, Amy)
Some Realities (Colby, Don, Alan, OFC)
102 Confession
Guilt, or Lack There Of (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Confession of Old Men (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
Secrets of the Body (Charlie)
Confessions and Orders (Charlie/Ian)
The Hard Eye (Charlie/Billy)
103 Arrest
Ask Me No Questions (Charlie/Ian)
Same Song Different Verse (Alan, Don)
Papers and More Papers (Colby, Gary, Amita, Don, Alan)
104 Handcuffs
Baby sitting (Colby, Ian)
105 Prison
A Federal Pen (Charlie/Ian)
Ways and Reasons (Ian, Amita)
106 Baseball
Oi? Ish! (Ian, OC)
107 Basketball
Passing the Buck (Ian, Don)
108 Hockey
Air Hockey (Charlie/Ian)
109 Golf
Edge of the Cup (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
110 Road Trip
Eyes Closed (Charlie/Ian, Alan, Don, Margaret)
111 Speed
Sound The Hunt (Ian)
112 Back Seat
Splashes of Red (Don)
113 Garage
How Much? (Charlie/Ian)
114 Fierce
Yet and Mine (Charlie/Ian, OC
115 Cocky
First Times (Charlie/Ian)
116 Smug
Too Easy (Ian, Don, Team)
117 Reckless
Study Break (Charlie/Colby/Amita)
Stupid, Reckless, Dangerous Shit (Charlie/Ian)
118 Playful
Fun With Feathers (Charlie/Ian)
119 Strip
A Tease (Charlie/Ian)
120 Naked
The Naked and the Nude (Charlie/Ian)
121 Foreplay
In the Beginning (Charlie/Ian)
122 Carnal
The Magic Word (Charlie/Ian)
Sweet Thing (Charlie/Billy)
123 Professor
A Silk Pillow (Charlie/Ian)
124 Ivory tower
Ivory Tower Frappuccinos (Ian, OC)
125 Research
Prepared and Unprepared (Charlie/Ian)
126 Office Hours
Just in Time (Charlie/Ian)
127 Spy
Honest Touch (Colby/Larry)
A Breath (Charlie/Ian, Don)
A Quick Look (Charlie/Colby, Ian)
Calling for Backup (Colby,Ian)
128 Bug
Good Protein (Charlie/Ian, Alan, OC)
129 Covert
Sister Secrets (Ian, Robin)
130 Classified
Just Talk (Ian, Don)
131 Defect
Creepy (Ian, OC)
132 Witness
Things David Knew (Charlie/Ian, David)
Getting Started (Charlie/Ian/Amita)
Paperwork (Charlie/Billy)
133 Evidence
Burden of Proof (Charlie/Ian, Alan, Larry, Don)
134 Judge
Ivory Tower Woes (Ian)
135 Guilty
Miscalculations and Memories (Charlie/Ian)
And Our Secrets Tear Us Asunder (Charlie/Colby)
Within Minutes (Team)
136 Resemblance
A Sick Resemblance (Charlie, Don)
Weight (Ian)
137 Black Sheep
Black Sheep and Sticky Wickets (Colby, Don, Charlie)
All The Way (Charlie/OMC) part of Whitman
What's In A Name? (Don)
A Father's Cares (Don/Ian)
138 Reunion
Beautiful Boy (Charlie/Ian)
Perspective (Charlie, OMC)
Too Long (Charlie/David)
139 Portrait
Love and Fear (Colby) part of Vignettes
Vices of Family Men (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
A Portrait of Love (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
140 Generations
It's a Wormhole (Charlie, Don)
Six Generations (Colby) part of Vignettes
A Piece of You (Charlie, Don)
Bad Evolution (Charlie, Don)
A Family Secret (Ian, Robin)
141 Alcohol
Drinking and... (Charlie/Ian)
142 Cigarettes
Consenting Adults (Charlie/Ian, Alan, Don)
143 Drugs
A Boat Named the Lady Marie Charlie/OFC/OMC) part of Whitman
Getting Hooked (Charlie/Ian)
144 Gambling
Taking a Look (Don, Alan)
145 Storm
Screaming at the Wind (Charlie/Ian)
And Behold, a White Horse (Don/Ian)
The Arch of a Love Affair (Charlie/Amita)
Ghost in the Storm (Liz/Nikki)
Storm Chasing (Don, Coop)
A Personal Storm (Charlie/Ian)
146 Temperature
Ice and Sun (Charlie/Ian)
147 Thaw
And Spring Slips In (Charlie/Ian)
Coffee and Ice Cream (Ian, Alan)
148 Warm
Forgotten Warmth (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
Wrapped in Warmth (Charlie/Ian)
149 Faith
Everything (Colby)
d'var of numbers and faith (Charlie, Esther) part of Vignettes
Lost and Found (Charlie/Ian)
Fermat's Spiral (Ian, OC)
150 Prayer
A Reply a Long Time Coming (Alan/OMC) part of Vignettes
Rage Against He Who Is I Am (Alan, Charlie)
Comforting (Ian, OC)
151 Devotion
His Beautiful Boy (Charlie/Ian, OC)
To Serve (Charlie/Colby)
152 Forgiveness
When it's Only Yourself (Charlie/Ian)
Words before Bed (Charlie/Ian)
Shades of Grey (Charlie/Colby)
153 Blessing
Mary's Little Boy (Charlie/Ian, Robin, Don, Alan)
154 Mind
Pain and Pain (Charlie/Ian, Bradford)
155 Therapy
Fix It If You Can (Charlie/Ian)
Me and Sam (Ian, Bradford)
Shades of Grey (Charlie/Colby)
Carrying Water (Don/Larry)
156 Anxiety
140 and Rising (Charlie/Ian)
157 Phobia
Rational Fears (Charlie/Ian)
158 Oath
Common Vows (Charlie/Ian)
One Question (Charlie/Colby)
159 Alibi
Brotherly Advice (Charlie, Don)
160 Contempt
Driving Fast (Ian, OC)
161 Damages
Untold Quantities(Charlie/Ian, Don)
Assessment Of (Don/Ian)
Who had been Damaged the Most (Charlie/Amita, Liz)
Ignore it while You Can (Liz/Nikki)
Random Damages (Don, Coop)
162 Attack
Keep It To Yourself (Charlie/Ian, Don)
163 Strike
Crossing the Line (Margaret, Don)
Make a Deal (Don/Ian)
Love like Lightening (Charlie/Amita)
Raindrops Keep Falling (Liz/Nikki)
Strike a Match (Don, Coop)
Tell Me Why (Charlie/Ian)
164 Blunt
If You Don't Want To Know (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
165 Victim
What Looks Back (Charlie/Ian)
166 Defense A Life of My Own (Charlie, Alan)
Oral Defense (Don)
167 Washington DC
Redeye (Charlie/Ian)
168 New York
A Companion(Charlie/Ian)
169 Las Vegas
Knowing Nothing in Old Vegas (Charlie/Ian)
170 Los Angeles
A Time for Words (Charlie/Ian)
171 Muscle
Don't Move (Ian, Colby)
172 Skin
Perfect Ink (Charlie/Ian)
Hot, Cold, Damp, Dry (Charlie/Ian)
Shelter from the Storm (Charlie/Colby)
Offerings (Charlie/David)
Bare (Charlie/David)
173 Bone
Bone(r) (Ian/Don)
Impulsive Displays of Manliness (Charlie/Ian)
174 Blood
A Question of Blood (Charlie/Ian)
Too Dark (Alan)
Foolish Hopes (Ian)
Don’t Stereotype Me (Don, Ian)
175 Soldier
Gone for a Soldier (Ian, OC)
176 Uniform
Captain Edgerton (Charlie/Ian)
Dress (uniform) for the occasion (Colby/Ian)
177 Enemy
Have and Have Not (Ian, Amita)
178 Combat
Games of Risk (Ian, OC)
179 Truce
A Plee for Peace (Charlie/Ian, Alan)
180 Hostage
What it Was (Ian/Charlie)
181 Demands
More Words Carefully Chosen (Charlie/Ian)
The Questions Not Asked (Ian, Bradford, OC)
182 Negotiation
Negotiations and Love Songs (Charlie/Ian)
Believing in What Was (Charlie, Ian, Colby)
183 Rescue
Doesn't Matter (Ian, Don)
Mathematician up a Tree (Charlie/Ian)
Rescue Me (Don/Larry)

Two Hours (Don, Charlie)
184 Candidate
June 4, 1968 (Alan)
Being There (Ian, Alan)
185 Opposition
Not Smiling (Charlie/Ian, Amita)
186 Campaign
Willful Humiliation (Alan, Ian)
187 Debate
Will it Help? (Charlie, Alan)
188 Snow
Snow Days (Charlie/Ian)
189 Ice
Sliding Down (Charlie/Ian)
Cold Chuckles (Charlie/Robin)
190 Shiver
Amateurs and Pros (Charlie,Don)
191 Fireplace
Clothed in Light (Charlie/Ian)
192 Cabin
Someplace Safe (Charlie/Ian)
Marshmallows, Chocolate, and Ghosts (Charlie/Ian)
193 Honesty
Out of His Depth (Ian, Bradfrod, Don)
And Our Secrets Tear Us Asunder (Charlie/Colby)
194 Ethics
Other Options (Ian, Bradford)
Lies and Apologies (Charlie/Colby, Don)
195 Integrity
Integrity, Personal and Otherwise (Ian, OC)
196 Strength
Things Not Remembered (Charlie/Ian, Team)
197 Hover
She Watches Her (Nikki/Amita)
Don't Tell (Charlie/Colby)
A Prank (Charlie, Don)
Tempting Her (Charlie/Liz)
Still Beautiful (Charlie/Ian)
Mascara Streaks (Don, Charlie)
198 Beneath
A Word Too Far (Charlie, Amita)
199 Inside
The Shape of Me (Charlie/Ian)
How Many (Margaret)
200 Around
His Ian (Charlie/Ian, Don)

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