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17 December 2007 @ 08:02 am
Whitman ‘verse Master List  

Whitman ‘verse Master List


Here there be dragons and darkness. Here is BDSM, self abuse, violence, and angst.

AN: If you can handle it I think it’s the best stuff I’ve ever written.

The Modern Man I Sing - Charlie/Colby

Sing My Body Electric - Charlie/Colby  (Winner at numb3rs_awards 2009 Best Slash, Drama)

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From Pent-up, Aching Rivers - Charlie/Colby  (actually no angst here) :-)

A Woman Waits for Me - Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Megan/Larry, Alan/OFC (Winner at numb3rs_awards 2009 Best Slash Novella, Original Character, Martin Sherwood )

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The Delicate Brothers -ACT 1 - (Charlie/Colby, Don/OFC, Alan/OFC, Ian/OMC/OFC, Megan/Larry)

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Whitman 'verse drabbles - Written for


All The Way (Charlie/OMC)
A Boat Named the Lady Marie (Charlie, OFC, OMC)
Crime Scene Photos (Charlie)

wcpjfditdov on September 19th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
"Sing My Body Electric"
I stayed up way too late last night reading your stories, and spent more time than I should at work today writing this instead of, well, working... I don't actually know how to write prose or poetry, so please take this only so far as a token of my love and appreciation for your story:

"Sing My Body Electric"

The morning mist skipping on water,
So many shadows across the light.
My lonely soul counting by the music,
Haunted ghosts in the night.

Where the tears have dried,
With so much silent pleading.
I cannot cry,
For the release I am seeking.

My spirit will keep on drifting,
Without your offered hand,
I know you too are hurting,
But I trust you to understand.

“Sing my body electric”,
This is all meant to be,
You are my safe harbor,
When I am lost at sea.

“Sing my body electric”,
Make me shiver with desire,
Burn me with your passion,
And light me all afire.

“Sing my body electric”,
Give me the blinding pain,
Take me to another dimension,
Where all that’s left is your name.

Take it away, all away,
Take me to where the angels sing,
Make me stay, to stay,
So I can keep on believing.

Hold me close, real close,
Till I can feel your breathing,
Kiss me gently, oh so gently,
Your taste is all I am chasing.

Find me, hurt me, hold me, save me,
Drown me in that mesmerizing feeling.
Bind me, bleed me, claim me, take me,
You are all that I’ve been pursuing.

Through your eyes I can see my salvation,
Another step and I am nearer to my completion,
Close to you I am free from all my apprehension,
In your arms I will find my life’s actualization.

You are my greatest gift,
My most coveted treasure,
My secret strength,
My constant protector,
And I will have no more want,
Every minute we are together.
Your love sets me free,
And I am yours forever.

PS. Can people really get into the position you described in Chapter 8? I actually tried it, and there was no way I could bring my elbows together :P
ladygray99ladygray99 on September 20th, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)
Re: "Sing My Body Electric"
Wow. Thank you sooooooo much. I hope the next part will be able to inspire such praise as this.

And yes you actually can get your elbows together if you bend them a bit and have a very flexible upper torso. Managed it once.
(Anonymous) on September 22nd, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)
Re: "Sing My Body Electric"
I agree with Lady Gray. This was beautiful.

Twins' Mom