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Vignettes - Winchester, Idaho (7/7)

Title: Winchester, Idaho (7/7)
Author: ladygray99
Pairing: Charlie/Colby, OFC/OFC
Rating: NC17
Warnings: On screen adult sex, off screen teenage sex.
Word count: 2,860
Summery: It’s the 4th of July and after almost 20 years Colby is heading home to Winchester, Idaho. And he’s bringing his husband and daughter with him.
Spoilers: Toxin, Janus List, Trust Metric, Counterfeit Reality, Greatest Hits, Finders Keepers
Notes: Part of Vignettes ‘verse taking place after Dumped but you might also want to look over A Direct Threat as it gets mentioned. Long Author’s notes will come at the end.
Beta: The very brave and amazing swingandswirl with help from autumnwriting and boymommytotwo

Part 7

Colby was feeling pleasantly sedate as he lay in the sunlight on the porch. For the first time he was starting to understand cats. After breakfast Esther, Andrew and his mother had decided to take a drive into town to do some shopping and Charlie and Katie were in the living room being math geeks together.

Colby opened an eye as a truck rumbled up the driveway and stopped. Frank got out and climbed the porch.

“Mom and Andrew went into town.” Colby provided.

“That’s okay. Just came by to pick up some of my dishes and stuff.”

Colby sat up. “Hey Frank, just so you know. Charlie and I and Esther have invited Andrew down to LA to visit if he wants. We’ve got plenty of room and it might be more interesting than hanging around here.” Colby braced himself for whatever his brother’s simple minded response might be.

“I hear it’s a kinda crazy town, LA. Don’t you think the peace and quiet might be better for him?”

Colby sat up a little more. That had been a reasonably intelligent response. “Yeah, but we’re in the suburbs. Pasadena is a little more mellow.”

“Don’t like the thought of him being away from family, considering.”

“He won’t be. And as it was pointed out to me Winchester has five bars and no dentist. I have contacts still. I know good people he can talk to, help him get his head back in order.”

“The boy just needs some rest.”

Colby knew Frank’s reaction was a knee jerk one but was hoping that maybe this new habit of Frank thinking a little could stretch just a little farther. “Frank, I killed in combat and I watched other soldiers get killed. I’ve killed in the FBI and watched other agents get killed. Not everyone accepts help or asks for help and a lot of people never get it but people who kill without being affected by it are called sociopaths and Andrew is not. Andrew hasn’t said yes but I just thought you should know we’ve put the offer out there.”

Frank frowned but nodded. “He seems to be a bit attached to your girl.”

“I think Esther thinks he’s a puppy and is making plans to smuggle him out in her luggage.”

Frank gave a bark of laughter. “Just as long as he behaves himself. He stepped over a line asking her to the dance. I raised him to know better.”

“If he tries anything Esther can break his wrist.”

“I should have thought about making sure my girls knew how to fight. Would have saved a lot of problems.”

“Our goal has always been to get ours to 18 with out any arrests, pregnancies or eating disorders. We figure if we can manage that we did okay.”

Frank snorted. “Well then I failed. Jenny went and made me a grandfather when she was 17. Should have taken that boy of hers out back and given him a hiding first time he looked at her. ‘Course her mother was long gone by then. Never was good with any of the girl stuff.”

“Me and Charlie have muddle through best we can. I still don’t know who taught her to walk in high heels. She just had a pair one day.”

Frank shook his head. “Women are just weird. Never understood them.”

Colby grinned. “Yeah, me neither.”

Frank frowned in thought, squinted at Colby then suddenly laughed.


Esther was helping her grandmother load groceries into the back of her truck with Andy’s help. The Winchester general store had all of four aisles but after the holiday Emily cleared out half of it just to restock.

Another truck rumbled into the small parking lot. Esther recognized the idiot behind the wheel. It was Jacob, the boyfriend of the mind-numbingly gorgeous Vicky.

Jacob pulled his truck to a stop, jumped out and ran over. “Andy, hey! I was going to come looking for you the other night. I needed to talk to you man. You disappeared.”

“I headed home early. Needed to get some sleep.”

“Right, hey, can I talk to you now?” It didn’t seem to be a real question as Jacob just took Andy’s arm and pulled him out of ear shot.

“This can’t be good.” Esther mused aloud.

“I never liked that boy.” Emily stated quite plainly. “Bit of an idiot.”

Jacob was speaking adamantly and somewhat desperately to Andy. Andy by contrast was dead still, his hands clasped behind his back at at ease. Finally Andy nodded. Jacob pulled him into a quick hug then ran back to his truck.

Esther and Emily went over to Andy. He’s body was completely still but he was blinking quickly and the little muscles in his jaw were twitching.

Emily reached up and put her hand on his cheek. “Andrew?”

“He wanted to know if I would be okay with him proposing to Vicky seeing as how I’m shipping out again and it wouldn’t really be fair to make her wait, especially since I may not come back.” Andy’s voice was soft but clear.

Esther felt a cold rage roll up her spine and settle in behind her eyes. “Want me to kick his ass? I totally could.”

Andy’s lips give a tiny twitch. “It’s okay. He’s right.”

“He’s an idiot,” Emily stated firmly. “And she’s an idiot if she says yes to him.”

Andy didn’t say anything but his arms had slumped to his sides. Esther picked up one of his hands. “Come on. Let’s go home.”


Colby was sure something had happened. Esther and his mother had come back from grocery shopping looking a little angry. Andrew had come back looking like he’d had his chest kicked in. As soon as the groceries were put away Esther had grabbed Andrew, planted him under a tree and resumed their lessons at full force, even going so far as to drag out one of Katie’s old child sized chalk boards. Every time Andrew’s attention looked like it was wandering Esther yanked it back. Colby was sure no one had tried to shove that much information into Andrew’s brain that fast since basic.

By the time the two were called in for dinner Esther was hovering around Andrew, watching his every move. Andrew was nearly silent. Fortunately Katie and Charlie dominated the conversation with one-up tales of stupid science stunts, CalSci vs. MIT. Colby had heard several of them already. The tale of the MIT researcher who had tried to light a barbeque with liquid oxygen and managed to blow a fifteen foot crater in their parking lot was somewhat legendary.

As the dessert came out there was a lull in the conversation. Andrew looked up from his food for the first time all night. He looked at Colby.

“Sir?” Andrew’s voice was small.

“Yes, Andrew?”

“If... if the offer is still available I think I might like to see Pasadena.”

Colby recognized the look of a man who wanted to run, long and far. He was sure he’d had that look once. “Of course it is. We’ll be happy to have you.”

“Thank you.” Andrew looked back down at his desert. Next to him Esther silently mouthed ‘thank you.’


The moon was high and just past full giving everything a soft shimmering light. Esther tried to lift the window silently. It squeaked. Esther lifted it a little more and got another squeak.

Katie sat up in her bed. “You’ve got to spray it with WD-40 at least twelve hours before you intend to sneak out.”

“I was just getting some air.” Esther said quickly.

“Sure you were. What’s his name?”

“Lisa.” Esther mumbled.

Katie snorted. “Have fun. Get back before the sun comes up. Grandma’s an early riser and you’ll need time to get the bits of grass out of your hair.”

“Grass, right, thanks.” Esther pushed up the window a little higher and jumped out.

Leaning against a fence post near the driveway Esther could make out a shadow that was Lisa. She was wearing a dress, the red dress. In the moonlight it looked black.

“Hi.” Esther whispered as she got close.


“You came.”

“You’re leaving tomorrow. Of course I did.”

Esther took her hand. “Come on.” Esther quickly headed north towards a sheltered clump of young birch she’d encountered on the hunt. They were silver and shimmering. She’d also managed to stash a spare blanket up there after dinner so they weren’t sitting on dirt.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d want to see me again, after yesterday.” Lisa was still whispering despite being far from any other ears but Esther’s.

“Why wouldn’t I want to see you?”

“My mom used to date your dad.”

“It’s a little weird but my cousin already tried to kiss me so...”

Lisa’s face scrunched up. “Ewww.”

Esther shrugged. “Kinda, yeah, but in his defense it’s been a while since he’s seen a woman who wasn’t in a hijab with an armed escort.”

Lisa chuckled. “Can I try to kiss you now?”

Esther felt her pulse speed up and her fingers begin to tremble. “Yeah, I think that would be a really brilliant idea.”


Colby stared at the ceiling of his old room. He knew he should be sleeping. It would be a four hour drive to the airport and he should be rested for it. But something felt off. It felt like there was something he had yet to do.

“Charlie, are you asleep?” Colby whispered into the dark.

“No,” Charlie mumbled. “It’s too hot.”

Colby smiled. “Want to make out?”

Charlie raised his head to look at Colby. “Is that a serious offer?”


Charlie quickly kicked off the thin sheet that was covering both of them. It had been too hot to go to bed in anything but shorts.

Colby laced a hand into Charlie’s hair and pulled him into a kiss. Charlie kissed back, their tongues chasing around each other in well-worn patterns.

Colby’s mind quickly flashed on Patricia. The one girl he had snuck into his bedroom. He’d snuck her in then hadn’t closed the deal. She’d been laying there, gorgeous, wanting him, and it hadn’t felt right.

Colby rolled Charlie over pinning him down, never breaking off the kiss.

He could already feel Charlie hard through his shorts and rubbed his body along Charlie’s.

Charlie broke off the kiss to groan.

“Charlie, tell me you packed lube.”

Charlie grinned. “Who do you take me for?”

“Just checking. This room and I have some unfinished business.”

“Would this unfinished business involve us having sex?”

“Oh, you better believe it.”

Charlie pulled Colby back down into a kiss while Colby reached down to push off both their shorts.

In the heat their bodies were already slick with sweat and Colby fought for control as his cock slid along Charlie’s body.

Charlie pulled away from the kiss only to attach himself to Colby’s neck. Colby tilted his head back, baring his throat for Charlie to lick patterns along.

The shocks and shivers caused by Charlie’s tongue rushed south, sending Colby’s cock twitching and north, clouding Colby’s mind to nearly everything but sensation.

When Charlie started leaving little nips along his chest Colby pulled away. “Lube?”

“Blue bag, outer pocket.”

Colby dove from the bed with single minded intensity, frantically fishing until his fingers found something that felt like a tube of lube. He prayed it wasn’t travel toothpaste or something and climbed back into bed.

Charlie had spread himself out, one hand flung lazily over his head, the other hand teasing at his own cock.

Colby took a moment to just look at Charlie and take in the image he made.

“Well, come on Agent Granger. I won’t break.”

Colby growled. Charlie using his title in just that right tone of voice could still get his blood flowing.

Colby opened the lube and Charlie hitched up a knee.

Colby slicked himself up first, then his fingers. He knew just how to loosen Charlie up. He teased slow circles around Charlie’s hole until it gave a little twitch. From there he easily slipped one finger in. He crooked that finger in just the right spot and Charlie’s body jerked. Colby could easily slip in a second after that. Charlie’s eyes were squeezed shut and he had a death grip around the base of his own cock.

“Colby, please.” Charlie’s voice was tight and strained. “You haven’t broken me yet.”

Colby slid in a third finger, twisting and stretching as quickly as he dared.


Colby pulled out his fingers, grabbed Charlie’s hips, lined himself up and pressed in.

The moan that fell from his lips as well as Charlie’s were sounds of contentment. Colby let himself settle in Charlie who always felt so right and so good right from the start.

“Colby.” Charlie breathed. “This feels wonderful but you’re going to have to move. My hips aren’t what they used to be.”

Colby slid out and quickly found a rhythm. Charlie stroked himself in the same rhythm pushing back, urging Colby in deep.

Colby closed his eyes as he started to speed up letting himself drown in the sound of Charlie’s gasps, in the heat of his skin, and the tight perfect fit of his body.

Suddenly Charlie clamped down tight. Colby gasped and opened his eyes to see Charlie spill across himself and drift away in his own pleasure. The sight was one of Colby’s favorites and with a couple of hard deep thrusts he let himself go, cuming deep into Charlie with blinding waves of pleasure and a muffled shout.


Esther watched as the very first stars blinked out. She didn’t want to move. Not with Lisa’s silky soft hair spilling across them, her head tucked under Esther’s chin.

“I have a weakness for blondes.” Esther mused aloud.

“Really?” Lisa’s voice was soft and sleepy.

“Yes. I’ve been going nuts all week. So many beautiful women.”

“I made myself stop looking a long time ago. There are only two other lesbians in school. One doesn’t like me and the other one is a Mormon.”



Esther ghosted her fingers across Lisa’s lips. “I wish I could smuggle you home in my luggage.”

“Me too.”

Esther heard a bird chirp. “We need to get going.”

“I know.” Neither of them moved. “Tell me things are better out side of this crap ass town.”

Esther watched a few more stars vanish. “The streets of LA are paved with gold and everyone is beautiful and there is sexual freedom and confusion and no one cares and all love is true love and every child is wanted and every family is happy and accepting and you can buy two hundred different flavors of ice cream and four hundred different blends of coffee at any time of day or night and the water is perfect and the air is clean and the biggest worry anyone has is what next season’s fashions are going to be.”

Lisa was quiet for a long time. “Liar.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

Lisa turned around and kissed her. “Thank you.”

“Any time.”


Colby stared at Frank. Frank stared back. The noon sun was beating down reflecting off the dusty white gravel of the driveway. Finally Frank held out his hand. Colby took it.

“You’re going to watch out for my boy, aren’t you.” It was more order than question.

“Absolutely. I made some calls. He has an appointment to talk to someone on Monday morning and we’re going to Disneyland on Wednesday.”

Frank nodded. “What about, well, you’re close to the border?”

“We won’t let him go AWOL. But if he’s honestly not combat ready I’m not letting him go back either. I still have some friends, I can call in a favor or two. He’ll be okay.”

Frank let go of Colby’s hand. “Okay.”

Before Colby could turn around Mary Jo pulled him into a hug. “Don’t you stay away that long again, you hear me?”

Colby hugged his sister tight. “Promise.”

Once she let go Robert took her place for a moment. “I meant what I said. Come down for Thanksgiving with Mom. Let Charlie and me play tour guide.”

Robert pulled away smiling. “I’ll think about it.”

Then Colby was facing his mother. He pulled her into a hug letting his eyes close.

“Thank you for coming home.” Emily said against her son’s chest.

“I’ll try to come back.”

Emily let go. “You do that. You know you three are always welcome.”

“I know.” Colby gave his mother one more quick squeeze then a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see for Thanksgiving?”

“Already have my ticket. Now get on the road. You don’t want to miss your flight.”

“Love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, dear.”

Colby slowly turned around, taking in the house and the hills and cow that didn’t say moo. He took a deep breath taking in the smell of dust and grass and July air. Only then did he look to where Charlie, Esther and Andrew were waiting by the car.

“Okay, everyone, let’s go home.”


Author’s Notes: So in March of 2008 boymommytotwo asked me if Colby ever takes Charlie and Esther back to Idaho. I scratched my head and came back with the answer of ‘No’. She felt this was unacceptable and proceeded to dump a baby bunny in my lap then poked at me until the story was at least outlined.

19 months later the story isn’t written and I put a poll on my journal asking my flist what I should work on next. First let me say I was expecting maybe 10 people to vote. 69! votes later Idaho has a clear win with 27 votes That was 39.1% I was floored by this. I was expecting that people might get demanding about getting more Silk Pillow drabbles (that came in second) or maybe the Torchwood people would gang up and demand a third story, but the people spoke and they wanted Vignettes. Ask and ye shall receive I’d like to point out that a good number of the people who voted for Idaho are lurkers. People who have friended and never commented once. Just saying.

Now once I dusted off the old outline and got into the story I realized there was going to be a lot about Esther and her personal faith and while I spent a lot of hours reading Wikipedia I didn’t want to offend anyone so autumnwriting kindly stepped up as the official Vignettes ‘verse Hebraic scholar a military adviser. She fixed my Hebrew and made sure my terminology was correct.

swingandswirl came to bat as my editor screwing the last nuts into place and was wonderful about my fretting and general neurosis. She always is.

So thank you to everyone for helping and thank you to everyone for reading and please if you’ve been lurking just drop a quick line and let me know you’re out there reading.

Tags: fandom: numb3rs, fic, pairing: charlie/colby, rating: nc17, vignettes

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  • Rebuilt

    Title: Rebuilt Author: ladygray99 Fandom: Numb3rs Rating: G Prompt: #387 Doctor #471 Bother #138 Reunion #384 Associate #345 Spouse #2…

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