ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

Mass, Air, Pollution (#64 Smoke)

Title: Mass, Air, Pollution
Author: ladygray99
Prompt: #64 Smoke
Word count: 100
Pairing: Ian, OC
Rating: G
Warning: none
Summary: Ian tries a little exercise.
Notes: Written for numb3rs100, part of A Silk Pillow ‘verse.
Beta: riverotter1951

Mass, Air, Pollution (#64 Smoke)

Ian stared at the ceiling hazy with smoke from the mass incense and the candles that lined the walls. The smoke was like the last trails of morning fog deep in the redwoods. Someone sat down next to Ian.

“Is there anything I can help you with my son?

Ian chuckled. The priest looked 22 and sounded like he could still sing soprano.

“No thank you, Father, I’m just watching the smoke.”

“You surely did not come here just to observe our local air pollution?”

“No, my therapist thought it would be an interesting exercise if I tried forgiving God.”

Dance With Me / Comforting

Tags: 100's, a silk pillow, character: ian edgerton, fandom: numb3rs, rating: g
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