ladygray99 (ladygray99) wrote,

Batman and Robin and Alfred (#58 Sidekick)

Title: Batman and Robin and Alfred
Author: ladygray99
Prompt: #58 Sidekick
Word count: 200
Pairing: Charlie/Ian, Don, OC
Rating: G
Warning: none
Summary: A little bit of roll playing.
Notes: Written for numb3rs100, part of A Silk Pillow ‘verse. This one is for swingandswirl.
Beta: riverotter1951

Batman and Robin and Alfred (#58 Sidekick)

Don watched his son sprint past, one of Ian’s black t-shirts flapping behind him like a cape.

“Hey there, where are you going?” Don asked scooping up Jonah.

“The batcave. I’m Batman!”

“Are you?” Don looked at Ian who was in a red t-shirt that really didn’t suit him

“Robin?” Ian rolled his eyes.

“He’s my sidekick.” Jonah announced.

“Really.” Don drew out the word with a grin on his face.

Before Ian could respond Charlie came out of the kitchen with two sandwiches. He had on a vest and shinny shoes.

“Alfred?” Don asked grinning.

Charlie scowled. “Shut. Up.”

Do the Job, Take the Shot / Old Words

Tags: 100's, a silk pillow, character: don eppes, fandom: numb3rs, pairing: charlie/ian, rating: g
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