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Northern Exposure

                    A Silk Pillow – Charlie/Ian, Don/Robin – NC17
                              Written fornumb3rs100 . Charlie is not quite the man people assume he is. Neither is Ian. (Winner numb3rs_awards, 2010 Best Drabble Series, Slash)

                    Gumballs – Charlie/Colby (sorta) – FRT PG13
                              Slow and silly with gumballs.

                    Soldier Boys – Alan/Colby – R
                              A long lost soldier boy and an Eppes family secret. (Winner numb3rs_awards 2009 Before and After Slash)

                    Vignettes – Charlie/Colby, Megan/Larry, Don/OFC, Alan/OMC – FRAO NC17
                              Vignettes of a loving lifetime. (Winner numb3rs_awards 2008, 2010 Novella Slash, 2009 Humor/Fluff Slash, Case Related Slash, 2010 Best Original Character, Slash)

                     Whitman - Charlie/Colby, Megan/Larry, Don/OFC – FRAO NC17
                              Charlie’s dark secret and what comes after. (Winner numb3rs_awards 2009 Novella Slash, Drama Slash, Original Character Slash)

                     Who We Are - Charlie/David - NC17
                             Sometimes life makes you look in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see there are only a couple of options.

                    Stand Alones – PG to NC17
                              Mixed bag of everything. 

                    100's – G to NC17
                    By Series, By Prompt 1-200, By Prompt 201-400, By Prompt 401-500
                              Over 500 drabbles written for numb3rs100 .

Sleepy Hollow




White Collar

                    Stand Alones

                             Drabbles written for whitecollar100

Miscellaneous Fandoms (Fandoms with only one story or less than 10 drabbles)
30 Rock, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Almighty Johnsons, Angel, The Big Lebowski, Bones, CSI, CSI:NY Forever Knight, Fringe, Harry Potter, Life on Mars, Lone Gunmen, The Master and Margarita, NCIS, Pacific Rim, The Real Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: XI, The Thick of It, Welcome to Night Vale, West Wing, X-Files, X-Men

Rounds of Kink – PG13 to NC17
                              A mixed bag of fic written for rounds_of_kink 


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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear yuletide author,
I don’t know about you but 2020 has been a bitch of a year. Thank you so much for doing this.

Let’s start with what I want. Let’s keep it happy. After everything this year lets keep the mood up. Happy, maybe sexy, but just in general people not being shitty to each other. I like a little light kink but it’s not required. Handcuffs or a spanking. Nothing too hardcore. Safe sane consensual.

What I Do Not Want this year. Nothing that will remind me of politics. I can’t handle any more politics and by Christmas I will be fully burned out on that front. No illness. Normally I’m up for a little hurt/comfort or sickfic but not this year. No non or dub con. Like I said I don’t mind kink but no age play or anything that involves blood or body waste.

Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson
Walt, Vic, and Henry
I love any combo of those three. Walt/Vic/Henry, Walt/Henry, Walt/Vic. If you’ve read the newest book, Second to Last Stand, you’ll know that Henry apparently keeps a tux in the back of Lola just in case. I would love it if you could do something with that. It’s hard to avoid h/c with Walt’s tendency to get injured just by getting up in the morning so I’ll give a pass on that one as long as it’s not too bad.

Perry Mason (TV 2020)
Perry Mason, Lupe Gibbs, Hamilton Burger.
They fucked. I mean did you watch the show? They fucked. That and Perry got kicked out of the Army on a blue ticket. In WWI that was used to get rid of ‘undesirables’, basically gays, and black soldiers the army didn’t want to give benefits to. Perry and Hamilton, so much fucking. Probably with some praise kink teacher/student thing going on.

Perry/Lupe (or just Lupe)
I cannot explain how wonderful it was for me to see a dark skinned, Mexican woman, obviously over 40, and with obvious native heritage shown as both a sexual entity and a take charge business woman. Lupe was the balm for my soul in this shitstorm year. I could use some more of her.
Not commonly known fact, California had ongoing White/Hispanic segregation policies in the 20’s. Not quite as bad as the Black/White laws but Perry and Lupe would have been frowned upon in polite society. Not that either of them cared.

The Affair of the Mysterious Letter - Alexis Hall
John Wyndham, Second Augur Gabriel Lawson, Shaharazad Haas

If you haven’t read this book go do yourself a huge favor and read this book. You might not finish it in time for yuletide so do it for yourself. Totally worth it. The audio book is also very well done.
If you have read this and are willing to write me more THANK YOU!
I want one of three things. Either slice of life John trying to live a normal life under the same roof as Shaharazad Haas. A full new case. Or Second Augur Lawson trying to start a romance with the oblivious and honorable Captain Wyndham while Shaharazad looks on utterly board that those two disasters just can't get it together to fuck.

Thank you so much for all of this.

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random star trek thoughts

Do you think the borg see Picard as The One Who Got Away and Data as the rebound boyfriend who was actually a nice guy but the timing wasn't right? Do they keep their ear to star fleet channels trying to get gossip about Picard then debate if they should forward it to the queen? Like when he had his tantrum on galactic television we're they all just going "Damn, that's our Locutus! Zero chill." This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.


Title: Rebuilt
Author: [personal profile] ladygray99
Fandom: Numb3rs
Rating: G
Prompt: #387 Doctor #471 Bother #138 Reunion #384 Associate #345 Spouse #2 Starting Over
Characters/Pairings: Don/Larry, Charlie, Nikki
Word count: 1100
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Summary: Don has crawled up the academic ladder and into the next phase of his life.
Notes: Part of the Rescue Me Series. This is the first anything I’ve written since I honestly don’t know when. 2020 is such a trash heap. Remember when we thought 2016 was the worst? Anyways I hope you all are well.
Beta: none (and I’m so tired)

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Kitchen Thoughts

If you add pre packaged pectin to marmalade is it really marmalade? Doesn't it just become citrus fruit jam instead? I would consider the slightly runny texture you get from boiling the skins for their pectin a defining feature of marmalade as apposed to the very firm setup you get with jam that has a box of pectin tipped into the mix. I mean if you turn a freshly opened jar of jam upside down it'll probably stay in the jar for at least a few moments where as marmalade is an instant splat. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

WTF Brain

So last night I had a dream that was episode 1 of a new season on Numb3rs. Colby has gone into politics. Charlie is going through a relatively mild cancer treatment but is being investigated because he went to a conference in Russia and might have gotten mixed up in some spy stuff, then it flashed back to that conference and there was some weird spy stuff then my brain just went off the rails and there was this whole bit with vampires.

Anyways, how are you all doing?

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